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Odd Murders & Mysteries is dedicated to bringing awareness to unsolved murders, missing person cases, and reporting crime without sensationalism.

Media reports of crime should focus on the victims, the crimes, and the facts of the case. Understanding how the crime occurred, the context in which it occurred, and what may have led to the crime, is crucial in being able to prevent the same acts from taking place in the future.

While wanting to learn about the depraved acts that individuals carry out is a normal human curiosity, it is important to remember that victims deserve the upmost respect. When talking about the crimes that took their lives, it should be done in a courteous manner.

At Odd Murders & Mysteries, this is the standard we strive for.

Odd Murders & Mysteries has been awarded a spot in Feedspot's Top 40 True Crime Blogs & Websites.

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Frequently asked questions

Odd Murders & Mysteries is dedicated to reporting crime without sensationalism and to avoid erroneous assumptions about victims and defendants.  Odd Murders & Mysteries delivers news about crime using credible sources.

All information is fact checked to the best of our ability. If you  believe you found a mistake or information has to be updated, please send an email to oddmurdersandmysteries@gmail.com

If you would like to write for Odd Murders & Mysteries send us an email with your resume and a writing sample .

Yes! If you have a case you would like us to cover please send us an email. 

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