Alan Wilson Stabs Niece to “Get the Demons Out”

Alan Wilson

On March 31, 2022, police received a call that a child was being stabbed at 2523 Amber Crest Street, Las Vegas. The child was stabbed 11 times and is in critical condition, fighting for her life.


According to redacted police reports, Alan Wilson was incarcerated for injuring a person during the commission of a robbery. Reports also state, “he has also attacked several family members.” According to the documents, Wilson was recently from a medical facility and a family member believes he was diagnosed with a mental illness, though it does not say which one.


During dinner, family members were sitting around the table. Alan Wilson was pacing between a bedroom and kitchen table; a behavior family says he developed while in solitary confinement. Wilson did this for thirty minutes as the family ate and started their bible study.

While the child was sitting at the table, Wilson came up behind her, “as if to hug her” but started stabbing the 3-year-old multiple times. A family member started fighting with Wilson, trying to get the knife from him and stop the attack. While stabbing her, Wilson stated, “I need to get the demons out of her, I need to save her” repeatedly.

While a family member held Wilson back, another grabbed the child, ran through the house to the garage, jumped in their car, and rushed to the nearby fire station. The family member who intervened sustained extensive injuries to their hand.

After the attack, Wilson stated, “I had to get the demons out of her.” He then asked, “What did I do?” and left the house.

Extent of Injuries

The 3-year-old was stabbed 11 times. She was stabbed 7 times in her back, 1 to the left armpit, 1 to the left forearm, 1 to the left index finger, 1 stab wound to her right triceps. According to court documents, 75% of her large aorta artery was destroyed. She suffered a puncture wound to her right kidney, a laceration to her spleen, and a wound to the posterior aorta.   


Wilson had called his aunt and told her he was sorry for what he did and that he was in a bar. Police went to 10 N. Nellies and observed pacing in a 7-Eleven parking lot. When police approached him, he dropped a water bottle, hit his vape ben before dropping it, and surrender.

He has been charged with attempted murder, child abuse, and battery. He has a court date set for April 21, 2022.

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