The Disappearance of Angela Hammond

On April 4, 1991, Angela Hammond was abducted while talking to her boyfriend on a payphone in Clinton, Missouri. She has not been seen since.


Angela Hammond was born on February 9, 1971to Marsh and Chris Hammond in Kansas City. The family moved to Clinton, Missouri, and had another child shortly after; a girl named Loren.

In 1990, Angela met Rob Shafer, and they started a relationship. Angela became pregnant shortly after. Rob would propose to Angela, who accepted; the couple was now engaged and expecting a baby. At the time, Angela was still attending college.


Angela Hammond had been hanging out with her fiancé, Rob Shafer, on April 4, 1991. They had been at a barbecue with family. Rob had to watch his younger brother, so the couple left around 9pm; Angela dropped him off at his house, and told him that she would call him in a little bit. About an hour later, Angela stopped at a payphone to call Rob; she was about 7 blocks from his house.

While on the phone, Angela mentioned an odd truck that drove past. It was a green 1950s Ford pick-up truck, with a picture of a fish in the back. Angela told Rob the man in truck stopped to use the phone. She described the man to be filthy with a beard. He had tried to use the phone next to her and then went back to use the truck and used a flashlight to look at something.

Angela asked the man if he had needed to use her phone, Rob heard the man say “no” and then started to hear her scream. He ran out of his house, and drove to the payphone, on the corner of Second Street and Jefferson Street. As he drove, he saw the truck Angela described, driving in the opposite dictation of his, and he heard her call his name. Rob made a U-turn to chase after the pickup truck, but his car broke down. He saw the truck drive off with Angela in it.  Angela Hammond was never seen again.


Sketch of a person of intrest


A passerby saw Rob stranded and took him to the police station. Rob told the police what happened and they started investigating every lead. Rob had told them the description of the man Angela gave him and described what the car looked like. Police did not clear Rob right away, he had taken a polygraph, and was eventually not considered a person of interest.

Family, friends, and volunteers conducted searches of the area. Neighboring police enforcement helped look for identical vehicles. Police have followed up 100s of leads over the years but have never found any substantial leads or evidence of what happened to Angela.

Angela Hammond - Age Progressed to 43 Years Old

Potential Theory

The day that Angela Hammond went missing, a confidential informant, who had been testifying against a narcotics operation in court, received a ransom note. The note was made up of cut out words, and referenced his daughter, who happened to also be named Angela. The letter had identified the informant by the number used in place of his identity, and also named his estranged wife. His daughter, who was also named Angela or “Angie” had some resemblance to Angela Hammond.

The letter the confidential informat recieved

According to a Facebook post by the Clinton Missouri Police Department, who say the story sounds incredible, state “investigators have come across information that lends credibility to it and have so far been unable to refute it”.

In the same post, they go on to state an anonymous person had recently called and left a message regarding the Angela Hammond case. In the message, the caller had mentioned two names that may be related to the case but did not leave any means for the police to contact them back.

Other Theories

When Angela Hammond went missing in 1991, two other woman had also disappeared, and investigators considered the thought the cases may be linked.

Trudy Darby
Cheryl Kenney

On January 9, 1991, Trudy Darby had went missing. She was working at a store when it was robbed. Two days later, Trudy’s body was found on a nearby river. Evidence showed Trudy was raped and shot in the head twice with a shot gun. Police would eventually arrest Jesse Rush and Marvin Chaney, half-brothers, for the rape and murder of Trudy Darby.

On February 27, 1991, Cheryl Ann Kenny was working at a convenience store in Macks Creek, Nevada Missouri. She was closing the store and set the alarm at 10:17p.m. Cheryl Ann Kenny was never seen again.

Police have never found substantial information to link the cases.

Anyone with information pertaining to Angela Hammond or Trudy Darby is asked to contact police.

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