Angela Hammond

Angela Hammond, 20,  was kidnapped while using a payphone. She was talking to her fiancé, Rob Shafer, when he heard her scream and was no longer on the line.

Angela Hammond had dropped off Rob Shafer earlier so he could babysit his younger brother.  She had told him she would call later, which is why she pulled over to use the payphone. During their conversation she had told Schafer that there was a suspicious green Ford truck driving around the payphone. Angela told her fiancé the man in the truck used the other payphone and returned to his truck. He sat in his truck looking for something with a flashlight. Hammond then asked the man if he needed to use the phone she was on, in case the other phone had been out of order. The man responded no. Moments later Schafer would hear his finance scream. When interviewed, Schafer stated, “And that’s when I heard her scream on the phone.   I heard her scream. The only thing that went through my mind was getting up there and finding out what the hell was going on.   I just dropped the phone and ran out of the house. I didn’t hang the phone back up, and just headed up there.”

Schafer got in his car and drove to the payphone. On his way there he saw a truck matching the description Angela gave him earlier and heard somebody scream out, “Robbie”. Assuming it to be his fiancé, Schafer starting chasing the vehicle. After a few blocks Schafer’s transmission gave out, and the truck drove away. Hammond was never seen again.

The police started a search for the green Ford truck, but turned up nothing.  They then started investigating Schafer, who was cleared within days. Police found his car in the middle of the road with a broken transmission. He had also passed a polygraph test. There were also two witnesses who came forward saying that had seen the same truck hanging around the payphone earlier in the day. The man was described to be an old dirty white man, with a beard. The truck was described to be a late 1960s or an early 1970s green Ford pickup truck. The truck had a mural of a fish jumping out of water on the back window. With no other leads that case went cold. 

Similar Cases 


Police believe the disappearance of Angela Hammond is linked to another missing woman, Cheryl Kenney. Kenny went missing on February 27, 1991, after locking up the convenience store she worked at. She left at 10 and was never seen again. 


There was suspicion that serial killer Kenneth McDuff committed the murders, but police could not establish a link between him and the missing women. 

Some people believe that Jesse Rush and Marvin Chaney were responsible for the murders. They had killed a woman, Trudy Darby, who had also went missing from Missouri. Her body was found two days later. All three women had gone missing within months of each other and all three had been near a parking lot. Police had said Rush wrote a letter to an inmate where he stated he had buried two other bodies. This claim has never been substantiated.  

Trudy Darby
Cheryl Kenney

The disappearances of Angela Hammond and Cheryl Kenney are still unsolved.

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