The Bever Family Murders

On July 22, 2015, Michael Bever, 16, and his brother, Robert Bever, 18, murdered their parents,  sisters, 2 brothers, and attempted to kill another sister.

Family Background

The Bever family lived at 709 Magnolia Ct, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The family consisted of David Bever, 52; April Bever, 44; Robert Bever, 18 (at the time of the attack); Michael Bever, 15 (at the time of the attack); Daniel Bever, 12; Christopher Bever, 7; Victoria Bever, 5; Crystal Bever, 13 (at the time of the attack); and Autumn Bever, 2 (at the time of the attack). David Bever worked in the tech field while April homeschooled their children. Neighbors described the family to be reclusive, but friends remembered them differently. In an interview a friend of April’s recalled them driving in a snowstorm to bring her son a TV, since his television had stopped working, and stated that April had a big heart.  

The Murders

According to court documents, a bit before 11:30pm on July 22, 2015, Crystal Bever had gone to Robert and Michael’s room to tell them to do the dishes. She recalled seeing them put on their body armor, and they had multiple knifes laid out on the bed.  Crystal also heard Michael ask his brother, “Should we do it right now?” Robert replied “yes”. Michael then told Crystal to check something on his computer screen.  As Michael distracted her, Robert slit his sister’s throat. Crystal fought back; but Robert was able to stab her multiple times as she ran out of the house. As she was running, she could hear her mother, April, screaming. Crystal was dragged back inside the house but could not remember by who. Though detectives believe that Michael dragged his sister back inside while Robert stabbed his mother. April was stabbed 48 times in the face, chest, abdomen, neck, and arms.

The brothers then turned their attention to their younger siblings, Christopher, and Victoria, who had hidden in the bathroom once they heard screaming. In an interrogation, Michael told detectives that he had tricked his siblings into opening the door; he told them Robert was going to kill him if they did not open it. Once they opened the door, they were both stabbed to death. In the same interrogation, Michael stated he stabbed his brother Christopher in the neck. Christopher endured 21 stab wounds to his back, chest, head, and neck; Victoria endures 23, spanning from her abdomen to her face. In pre-trial statements, Michael told detectives that he had stabbed both Victoria and Christopher, though Robert would later take credit for killing them.

Their next victim would be their younger brother, Daniel. Daniel had managed to call 911 and hide in his father’s office. Michael tricked him the same way he did his other siblings. He begged Daniel to open the door before Robert killed him. Daniel opened the door to hear Michael tell Robert, “He’s all yours”. Daniel was on the phone with the police still. Michael grabbed the phone from him and said “Hello”, which can heard in the 911 call. He then smashed the phone while Robert stabbed his younger brother 21 times in the stomach, chest, neck, and back.

David Bever had come out of his room, possibly due to the commotion going on. Robert stabbed him 28 times to his back, chest, and abdomen. Court documents do not specifically say at what point his sons attacked him.  They murder all the members of their family, expect for Crystal and her younger sister, who was two years old at the time and slept through the attack.

The Arrest

After Robert and Michael murdered their family, they had headed for the woods behind their house. The police arrived on scene around 11:30pm. Once they saw the perpetrators were no longer in the house, they started searching the woods with the help of K9s. Robert and Michael were located and arrested. The K9s bit Michael before he was apprehended.

Robert and Michael were both arrested and charged with 5 counts of 1st Degree Murder and 1 count Aggravated Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon. No bail was given, and they were remanded.

The Plan

The brothers wanted to kill their family and then go on a cross-country killing spree. Their plan was to kill each member of their family silently and stealthily. Robert Bever had told the court that he had planned to decapitate his 2-year-old sister but had forgotten to. They had also planned to record the aftermath and upload it to YouTube.

After they murdered their family, they were going to clean up and dispose of the bodies. According to a Broken Arrow detective, they were going to cut the bodies into pieces. They would store the body parts in bins and place them in the attic. The plan was to do this quietly and then go on a killing spree.  

They had ordered multiple guns to be delivered to a local gun store and 2,000 rounds of ammunition that were scheduled to arrive at the house the day after the murders. The boys were unable to pick up the guns, they needed

According to a Broken Arrow detective, they would then cut up the bodies, store them in bins in the attic, clean the house, and continue on their killing spree. Robert and Michael had a goal to kill 50 to 100 people between Oklahoma and Washington.

The Trail

Robert Bever had pled guilty on all charges. The judge sentenced him to serve life without parole for each of the 5 murder counts and received an additional life sentence for the assault and battery with a deadly weapon charge. It is believed he pled guilty to avoid the death penalty. He would testify during his brother’s trial, taking full blame for each murder.

Michael Bever entered a plea of not guilty and appealed the court’s decision to put him on trial as an adult. His lawyers also put in a motion to seal all information to the public, stating that they would be under public scrutiny. The court denied both motions.

While Michael was in jail, he kept a journal that was described to be “morbid and violent” by a deputy.

Michael was found guilty on all counts. Michael received 5 consecutive life sentences for each murder count and 28 years for the assault with a deadly weapon with the possibility of parole, after 85% of time is served. Michaels lawyers filed an appeal, stating that serving 5 consecutive life sentences was unconstitutional, and did not give their client a chance of getting out of prison. The appeal was denied.

Michael Bever is currently serving time in the Lexington Correctional Center.

Robert Bever is currently serving time in the Joseph Harp Correctional Center. While inside, he got both his hands tattooed. One saying LWOP X5 (Life Without Parole, 5 counts) and the other hand spells out FIVE.

Both sisters were adopted to the same home.


After the house remained empty for two years it was burned down. The city of Broken Arrow dedicated a park, Reflection Park, to the victims of the attack. 


    • Peggy Jo Ladue-Maguire

      I heard in the interrogation the detective mentioning that Michael graduated high school early. Looking at his journal he cannot even spell many simple words.

    • Joe

      You are correct. The value of the land after burned down should be held in trust until the girls turn 21 to recieve it 50% / 50%. If this hasn’t happened, they can sue. The owners being the parents didn’t commit any crimes so the state cant take the assets as restitution or proceeds of crime. There is the chance that money was stilled owned on the property and it automatically forclosed though couldn’t be sold due to its previous history, so there may be nothing for these two little girls that have had there lives destroyed by sociopathic brothers. These boys were home schooled and didn’t learn empathy and compassion. Some parents dont believe this is a learned thing though it %100 is. Young teen boys especially dont have the capacity to rationally absorb the consequences thinking naively that nothing will happen to them as everything in their life so far has had no real consequences and everyone thinks they are little boys who may get away with it with a smack on the leg. The sociathic behaviour learned by the older brother was passed down to the younger as he looked up to his older brother. This is why it is so important to teach compassion & love to children and there is real consequences for bad behaviour.

      • Chris

        Thanks for wrapping this all up for us….lol.

        I understand the house was bank-owned. By the time it burned any remaining equity would probably be gone.

        Curious as to your connection between home schooling and the lack of empathy/compassion. Even if they were strictly learned traits…which I haven’t seen one actual scientific study claim, perhaps you forgot all the people they lived with. Certainly you are not implying that the entire family was devoid of these traits? I also haven’t heard anything about lack of consequences in the household.

        Perhaps a bit presumptuous of me, but sociopathic/psychopathic behaviors typically aren’t seen as deriving from a lack of education, but from psychopathic tendencies often stimulated by abuse or arrested development. Maybe you can clear this up for us as the information I have read showed no proof of abuse.

        I get how everyone puts on their detective hats with these types of crimes, but most situations are pretty complex and unfortunately we lack all the information necessary to have definitive answers. It’s easier to avoid presumptuous judgments of others if we remember that. In the end, it’s another senseless tragedy that defies rational explanation. I suppose that is why a gun is usually to blame…except when it’s not…maybe society should pay better attention to strengthening coping skills instead of inventing inanimate demons.

      • tay

        the older bever brother was able t o avoide the death penalty becasue eh took a plea deal and the younger brother was never consdered becasue he was only 16 and there are laws preventing minors from getting th captail punishmen
        messed up right

  • Rebekah

    Sorry I believe in the death penalty and these 2 deserve it regardless their ages. They clearly needed help, there should have be signs of some clear mental health problems. Very sad and brutal.

  • Sam

    Wow that journal shows he didn’t learn much in home school. Those poor girls have to live with this . These are truly monsters. 😭

    • Judy

      I’m truly horrified by what these 2 monsters and truly EVIL PIECES OF SHIT did to they’re own flesh and blood! I definitely believe that they should have gotten the death penalty because that is what they truly deserve! I personally would never give them food or water or basically anything and let them rot away slowly! That’s even 2 good 4 them, that’s just my opinion. 😉

  • Andrea Draper

    This is text book stuff on how to raise a sociopath (borderline personality disorder is what it is called these days & Robert Bever has been diagnosed. Not every child raised under those circumstances is going to wind up in the same circumstances obviously variables exist and affect outcomes. Just the fact that children under age 13 were not in bed by the time this event took place around 10:30 at night- ask any pediatric neurologist if late bedtimes contribute 2 impulsive behavior. It’s not like knowing what children need to be psychologically competent and not wind up Disturbed like these two boys- it’s not like the things we do to promote good neurological development are a big secret…. so yeah keep your children up to 10:30 at night when they are only 10 years old give them unlimited access to the internet before age 16 and don’t forget isolate them socially. The brother Michael was 16 years old but only had three contacts in his cell phone his brother Robert and his two parents. It matters folks. If we want this kind of thing to stop happening we have to prevent it. We can’t just wring our hands in the aftermath and say “Oh! Give them the death penalty, torture them by starving them behind bars, torture them by injuring them and hurting them physically…. guess what moron, that’s how these people are created that’s not how we prevent them. Until all of you with that mindset get this through your thick heads we are bound and locked into repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating….Cuz I know you’re not going to believe this because you are not a pediatric neurologist- you are far from it- but it starts with early bedtimes in early childhood and continues with proper socialization and more appropriate bedtimes & appropriate socialization. I’m always amazed at people who manage to make enough money to buy a big old house and support 5 children and have stuff like video camera surveillance inside their house, yet somehow they can’t access or accept neurology/ neural development research even though they have a computer degree or at least David was working in Tech so had access to every bit of the internet and was 100% literate in the English language. People we need to stop justifying acting the way David and April acted. I call it the the sociopath Factory. You want to create an impulsive adult who does not have the self-control to keep from doing violent and destructive things follow the child rearing plan of David & April Bevers. Will one of your kids grow up to try to kill anyone? That is not the point: the point is, if we don’t want people like this in our society we have to stop people like David and April from raising kids that way. This ain’t rocket/ computer science. Get a clue, before you raise the next Robert and Michael.

    • Neko

      BPD and sociopathy are not at all the same thing. Psychopaths and sociopaths have reduced connections between the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC), the part of the brain responsible for sentiments such as empathy and guilt, and the amygdala, which mediates fear and anxiety. They are literally born without the ability for empathy. Many derive pleasure out of hurting others but it is not at all the same as being borderline. While many with bpd may also be n/s/p not all n/s/p’s are borderline.

    • Pooka

      I totally agree with you and I feel as if it’s not even acting normal it’s in reality doing what is healthy for you family in all aspects actually learning from your mistakes is different the. Trying to protect your child from your or their mistakes as well

  • Andrea Draper

    Oh yah & Crystal turned 18 just last year so, hopefully she comes out with a tell all like those kids in the child abuse chained to the beds pies on the table but weren’t fed them, just like those kids are going to write a memoir. We need these materials so that we can see exactly how these kids were raised so we can prevent this from happening in the future. We need Crystal to tell us every detail of how David and April ran that family so that we can know exactly what NOT to do and we can do the opposite. Keep your eyes and ears out for biographical information from Crystal now that she is 18.

  • Damien Mahady

    What is so messed up is how he can talk about this as if it’s two guys shooting the shit that in itself is really chilling

  • Linda Simmons

    One wonders if home schooling contributed as kids don’t get to socialize with their peers when they spend all this time with their family & become socially awkward. However the pair were obviously psychopaths as they had no emotional bond with their family. It’s quite horrifying that murderers in the making are using previous mass murders as their goal post and then want to copy cat.

  • calliope

    As a European citizen it is difficult to understand America: but how the hell is it possible the ease with which you allow the purchase of weapons? Buy on the internet from a kid and deliver the next day. amazed. allow children not to be schooled and let them live as prisoners. It’s the most heartbreaking story I’ve ever heard, but I’m not surprised, always in the USA. May the souls of those poor children find peace poor angels. and the survivors…i hope they going well.

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