Carina Romero Kills 7-Year-Old Son, Jamie Garcia

Jamie Garcia source:KFOR News

On February 6, 2022, police received a call and responded to a residence in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When police arrived, they found a woman, Carina Romero, 27, covered in blood and a deceased child in the residence.

Oklahoma City Police responded to a “disturbance” (it is not clear who called 911), at 813 SE 50th St, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Upon their arrival, police saw a woman, Carina Romero, who was covered in blood, carrying a two-year-old child, and a knife. Romero told police that someone had killed a child inside her house. She then went back inside with the two-year-old child and refused to let the police inside.

Given the circumstances, police forced their way into the house. During their search, they found a deceased 7-year-old male on the kitchen floor. It appeared he had been stabbed numerous times. The child has been identified as Jamie Garcia, Romero’s son.  

Witnesses stated they heard screaming coming from Romero’s home a few minutes before she went outside, covered in blood. Romero state Jamie’s father killed him, but evidence led police to arrest Ramero. The two-year-old has not been identified and was not physically harmed.

It is unclear what lead Romero to murder her child. This is an ongoing investigation.

Romero has been charged with First Degree Murder, Death of Child by Injuring, Torturing, and/or Maiming.

Oklahoma City Police Department’s Press Release about the case

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