The Murder of Christopher Dean

Christopher Dean


On October 17, 2016, Christopher Dean, 33, was headed to the home of brothers Xavier, 23, and Orlando Gibson, 30, to complete a drug transaction with Christopher Lockett, 30. Testimony from one of the defendants states he was going to buy “high-end” marijuana. This was not the first time they had met for this purpose. Before this meeting, and unknown to Christopher, Lockett had acquired information that Christopher served as a witness for the police in California.  


Defendants Left to right Orlando Gibson, Shakur Wright, and Lamar Almon

Torture, Rape, & Murder

When Christopher arrived at the Gibson home, he was met by the 3 men along with, Quatez Clark, 21, and Joshua Rooks, 27. The men began beating Christopher with two-by-fours and a crowbar.  The Fulton County District Attorney’s office stated that this beating lasted an hour. During this time, the men had sodomized Christopher and had inserted a “handle-like object” into his rectum. The men then shot Christopher two times in the back of his head.

Rooks then went to get Jasper Green, 27 and Lamar Almon, 25, who returned to help clean up the crime scene. The men had devised a plan to have Green and Almon to drive in Lockett’s car to an isolated place and burn the car with the body in the trunk. They then had abandoned this plan when seeing the state of the body. Green and Almon left the car in a parking lot of a train company, the H.E Holmes Rails, specifically the MARTA station.

Quatez Clark Mugshot
Quatez Clark
Mugshot of Xavier Green
Xavier Green
Mugshot of Joshua Rooks
Joshua Rooks
Mugshot of Jasper Green
Jasper Green
Mugshot of Christopher Lockett
Christopher Lockett

Trial & Sentencing

Lockett, X. Gibson, Clark, Rooks, and Green were given life sentences.

O. Gibson and Lamar Almon are awaiting trial for their part in Christopher Dean’s murder.

All of the perpetrator’s changes include aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, murder, possession of a firearm, participation in street crime, concealing the death of another, and tampering with evidence. 


  • John Q

    Gangster decisples are closeted low IQ cowards who will all end up dead or in prison. All gangs are just stupid, no one respects them. Now these idiots are boyfriends in the joint.

    • Sallee

      You absolutely right. Growing up in NYC we were always aware of gangs and knew enough to stay away. Talk to your children. Communication is vital God bless

  • HonestTruth

    Sad story. My prayers go out to everyone involved. It’s very dangerous being an informant. Sad all of this happened over something that should be legal anyway. DO NOT EVER participate in being an informant… Law enforcement is dumb when it comes to catchign criminals.

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