David Mora Murders His 3 Children & Man Supervising Visit

Samarah Gutierrez, Samantha Gutierres, & Samia Gutierrez

David Mora shot and killed his 3 children during a supervised visit. He also killed the man supervising the visit, before ending his own life.


According to court documents, Illeana Gutierrez Rios, the children’s mother, and Mora’s ex-girlfriend, filed for a restraining order in May 2021. The court put a restraining order into effect, which would last five years. The courts also decided that Nathaniel Kong could be the person who oversaw Mora’s visits with his children. Nathaniel was a member of the church and friends with both parents.

The restraining order outlined the contact Mora could have with his children and Illeana. Mora could not contact Illeana directly and could not go near them. The supervised visitations would take place on the weekends and would be four hours long. Mora was not to own a gun, and the courts suggested that he partake in anger management.

The Murders

On February 22, 2022, (a few days before Mora killed his children and Kong), new outlets reported he was arrested on felony charges. He had been driving while under the influence of drugs; when police tried to arrest him, he became physical and assaulted an officer. He was charged with resisting arrest, batter on a police officer, and diving under the influence. He spent 1 night in jail before he was released.

David Mora Mugshot from February 2022

David Fiedel Mora, 39, had an arrangement to live at The Church in Sacramento. On February 28, 2022, the three children arrived at the church to spend some time with their father. Though it is not clear exactly what took place, what is known is that shortly after 5:00pm Mora killed all three of his children and the man who was supervising their visit. A woman who lived near the church told news outlets she saw first responders carry out a little girl and attempt CPR. Shortly after, they covered her with a sheet.

The Sacramento County Coroner’s Office children’s identities had been confirmed by. Their names were Samarah Mora Gutierrez, 9; Samantha Mora Gutierrez, 10; and Samia Mora Gutierrez, 13. Nathaniel Kong, 59, was the supervisor. Afterwards, Mora killed himself.


Police are looking into how Mora obtained a gun. This is an ongoing investigation.

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