Disappearance of Jade Inniss and Isabelle Kring

On November 22, 2021, Jade Inniss,14 and Isabelle Kring, 14, were reported missing.  They were last seen at their school, Del Oro High School. 

They were originally reported as runaways, but reports have come out that they may have been picked up by an unknown male.

Isabelle’s family has been conducting their own investigation. According to a Twitter post by Isabelle’s mother, Lesley Kring, they found their daughters cellphone, smashed, in a garbage can near Del Oro High School.

Photos taken from Lesley Kring's Twitter

Lesley Kring also posted about a receipt that was found near the phone in the garbage. Though it is unclear if the receipt is, in fact, related to the girl’s disappearance.

On December 2, 2021, both teenagers were found unharmed.

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