Heidi Carter Arrested for Murder & Rape

On October 19, 2021, Heidi Carter met a couple through a dating app. The three agreed to meet up at Carter’s house. According to the arrest affidavit, the three drank some alcohol before becoming sexually active. While being intimate, Carter’s boyfriend, Carey Hammond, came home, entered the bedroom, and became angry at what he was witnessing.

Hammond started beating the couple with a bat. He was assisted by Carter in restraining her guests. After restraining both individuals Hammond raped the female victim. After the sexual assault, he continued to beat the male victim. The female victim told investigators that Carter produced a gun. She would point it at them while threatening to kill them, stating “she knows someone in Indianapolis that knows how to get rid of a body.”

Heidi Carter (above) & Carey Hammond (right)

At one point, Carter left the room, leaving Hammond with both victims. The male attempted to free himself, but Hammond kicked him; he was wearing steel-toed boots. The male victim continued to put up a fight to try to free himself. Hammond grabbed a belt and strangled him to death.

Carter came back shortly and offered to help her boyfriend with moving the body, which was wrapped in blankets and duct tape. According to the surviving female victim, they carried the body out of the room.

Carter and Hammond had previously hired a cleaning woman to help get their apartment tidy for a landlord inspection. When the worker arrived at the house, she noticed Carter was carrying a gun and had blood and her shoes. The worker cleaned two rooms at the front of the house and then ordered a pizza with her employers. While waiting for the food to arrive, the worker entered another room, where she heard a female voice “asking for her and begging to use the bathroom” coming from a bedroom in the back of the house.

House where crimes took place (Source: Macabe Brown)

The worker went to sit but found herself on top of a body wrapped in blankets. he tried to leave the home, when Hammond pushed her into a seat and told her she could not leave. According to the arrest affidavit, the worker eventually escaped (though it does not give details on how) and flagged down an Indiana State Trooper.

Police received the call around 11:06 pm, which came in as a possible kidnapping in progress. Police set up a perimeter and told the occupants of the house to come out. Carter walked out and was arrested. The police affidavit states a man name Jason Harevy also was placed into custody, but does not say what his role in this crime was specifically. Hammond exited the house carrying a gun and was instructed to drop it, which he refused; deadly forced was used. The surviving female victim was transported to the hospital. Police also found two teenagers on the second floor of the house.

Heidi Carter has been charged with:

  • Felony Murder
  • Criminal Confinement with a Firearm
  • Rape
  • Intimidation with a Firearm
  • Assisting a Criminal

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