The Disappearance of Kyle Kirchem

Kyle Kirchem, 31, went missing on November 20, 2022 from Estacada, Oregon. His family has launched full scale searches and has spread awareness to find his whereabouts. Kyle is still missing.

The Day That Kyle Kirchem Disappeared

On November 20, 2022, Kyle Kirchem, 31, left his home. He forgot his cell phone, so his family became concerned after not having any contact with him and filed a missing person’s report. The Clackamas County Oregon Sheriff’s Office discovered Kyle’s vehicle near Riverside Campground and Highway 224 at Estacada, Oregon. This area is part of the Mt. Hood, Oregon National Forest. The vehicle had gone down over an embankment, where it had struck a tree. Officers noted the airbags had not deployed. There was also evidence that Kyle had set up an emergency road flare and had readied his tow strap.

Law enforcement believe that Kirchem might have been struggling with his mental health at the time of his disappearance. His family members have stated that Kyle would often go out hiking to clear his head and believe that was his intention on that day. Outdoor gear had been discovered in his vehicle.

The Search for Kyle Kirchem

Search efforts by the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office and The Clackamas County Search and Rescue yielded no new results in the immediate accident area. The family has also enlisted the help of private search organizations which used search dogs. The search dogs were able to track Kyle’s scent for a few miles south of the accident site.

Kirchem’s family has stated that there were people in the area around the timeframe of Kyle’s accident. They believe there is a chance someone saw something. Reportedly, a resident near the accident site stated she saw the vehicle; it looked like it had slid off the road but saw no one in the area.

At the time of his disappearance, Kyle Kirchem was described as a 31-year-old Caucasian male, approximately 5-foot 11-inches tall, and weighed approximately 155 pounds. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. He was reported as wearing a green and blue flannel coat with black or gray pants.

Kyle Kirchem’s sister, Ashley Walton, stated, “I don’t think that he just drove out there to harm himself. He’s incredibly kind and caring and foremost he’s a great father to an 8-year-old son who loves him and misses him.”

The Gladstone Police Department asks anyone with any information regarding the disappearance of Kyle Kirchem to contact them at (503) 655-8211 and refer to Kirchem’s case number:  22-026372

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