Missing: Breadson John

Breadson John was reported missing in June 2022, when police could not locate him while conducting a welfare check. Police are currently searching for Breadson and are asking the public for help.

Breadson John lived with his grandparents in Vancouver, Washington. According to the police, his parents live overseas. On June 17, 2022, police conducted a welfare check at Breadson’s residence,at the request of members in the community.

Upon arriving at the home, police could not locate Breadson. According to police, Breadson has family in Hawaii, Arizona, Washington, and the Truk/Chuuk Islands in the Federated States of Micronesia.

According to Kiro7 News, police have stated Breadson’s grandparents, who police have not named, are not cooperating with authorities. In December 2022, prosecutors charged his grandparents with custodial interference.

On January 23, 2022, the FBI posted Breadson John’s missing poster and asked the public for help. They stated the pictures of Breadson are a year old and his appearance may be different.

Anyone with information is asked to call (360) 487-7446 or you can submit a tip online at https://tips.fbi.gov/.

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