Gabrielle Muniz and her 6-year-old Daughter Found Stabbed to Death in Bronx, New York Home

Gabrielle Muniz and her daughter Rozara Estevez

On March 5, 2022, police were called to do a wellness check at a home at Monticello Avenue, Bronx, New York. Police found a 26-year-old mother and her 6-year-old daughter were stabbed to death. They have been identified as Gabrielle Muniz and her daughter Rozara Estevez.

Police arrived at victim’s apartment just before midnight. According to news sources, a neighbor called 911 for the wellness check. When police entered, they found Rozara under the covers. She had been stabbed in the head. Police also found the mother with multiple stab wounds. Police also found three knifes in the apartment.

Apartments where murders occured Source: Daily News

Gabrielle’s boyfriend is the suspect, according to ABC7. About 12 hours after the murders had occurred, a man barricaded himself in an apartment in a nearby building and committed suicide. The man identified as Caleb Duberry is believed to be responsible for both murders. Police found security footage of Duberry leaving the house. Duberry was not the father of the child he murdered.

Gabrielle’s mother stated her daughter was a pharmacology student, and “had so much promise.” Her parents had been worried about her safety and had called police for a wellness check in the past.

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