Taylor Schabusiness Dismembers Man

Shad Thyrion

On February 23, 2022, Taylor Denise Schabusiness had sex with a man, Shad Thyrion, 24, who she then strangled and dismembered. Shad’s mother found his head in a bucket and contacted police.


On February 23, 2022, around 3:25am, police were called to a house in Green Bay City, Wisconsin. The report came in that a human head was found in a bucket in the basement. Shad’s mother, identified as TP in court documents, met the responding officer, Officer Wanish, and brought him to the basement of her home. At the bottom of the starts, he observed a bucket that had a towel over it. Once the officer lifted the towel, he saw a human head in the bucket. He also saw a mattress which appeared to have dried blood on it.

Initial Finding

Shad’s mother told police that her son and his girlfriend, Schabusiness, went out on Monday, February 21, 2022, around 9:30pm. This was the last time she saw her son alive. She learned from her boyfriend that her son and Schabusiness came back home late Monday night (or early Tuesday) and went into the basement. Shad’s mother did not go into the basement but told police she remembered hearing Schabusiness talking and believed they were together in the basement all day Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

Sometimes between 2:30am and 3:00am on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, TP woke up when she heard her storm door slam shut. She then heard a vehicle drive away and assumed it was Schabusiness’s. She got out of bed, noticed the basement light on, and went to see if her son was still downstairs. After walking down the steps and seeing nobody there, she started going back up, but noticed the bucket. She removed the towel and found her son’s head.

What the Police Found

Investigators learned that Taylor Schabusiness was the last person to be seen with Shad. They also learned that she had a van. The van had been parked in front of the residence where his head was found for a day or two, according to TP, who reported that the van was now gone. 

Later the same day, another officer went to speak to Schabusiness. When the officer arrived at her residence on Eastman Avenue, they saw her walking out of her building. The officer asked her if she knew why he was there, and she responded with, “Because of my warrant for my arrest.” Police took Schabusiness into custody.

The van that Schabusiness owned was found parked in front of her residence. Upon searching the van, police found a crock pot box on top of a laundry basket of clothes. Inside the box, they found more remains, including legs.

Police conducted a more thorough search of the house. In the bucket where they found the head, they found “a male organ along with fluid, and two knives.” They found “other body parts” in shopping bags along with three knives. Police located the upper torso was found in a tote bag, which “had numerous rigid cuts at the site where the head was removed.” In the same tote bag, police recovered “several internal organs” and a carving knife. There was also blood on the mattress and the floor, which appeared to have been attempted to be cleaned.

At the scene, police also found evidence of drug use; “a glass pipe and a gem bag containing light colored powder material.”


Police noted Schabusiness had a cut on her left thumb and scratches on her arms. Schabusiness told police that these wounds were self-inflicted. They also observed red stains on her hands, which they believed to be blood.

After reading Schabusiness her rights, police informed her they had found the head of Shad; she responded with “That is pretty fucked up”. Upon talking with Schabusiness, she told police she knew the victim. She told them she and a friend picked up Shad in the van. They drove to pick up drugs and headed to her residence on Eastman Avenue. The three smoked marijuana together. Schabusiness told police that she and Shad injected Trazadone. They then drove to the Shad’s residence, where they were let in by the Shad’s mother’s boyfriend.

Once they got into the basement, Schabusiness told police they had been smoking “the bitch” together, referring to methamphetamine. She then told police she and Shad began to have sexual intercourse, when the victim got two chains. Schabusiness told police they would often choke each other while they had sexual intercourse.

Schabusiness would give police two different descriptions of the chains used; once describing them to be silver and chain link; another describing them to be “like a dog choke collar.” The police report describes how Schabusiness murdered Shad. She stated she “just went crazy”. She continued, telling police she could feel the Shad’s heart beating as she was strangulating him, which made her pull tighter. Schabusiness strangled him even after she knew he was dead. She told police she knew he was dead because his face was purple, and blood was coming out of his mouth. Schabusiness told police that Shad fought back while being murdered.

Schabusiness explained the victim was laying facedown while she pulled on the ends on the chains. She saw Shad coughing up blood and was watching his face, waiting for him to die, stating, “she already came this far.” She also told police “Ya I like it” and asked the police “If they have knew what it was like to love something so much that you kill it.” She estimated it took her 3-5 minutes to strangle him to death. “She kept choking the victim because she wanted to see what would happen.”

When she finished killing Shad, she continued to desecrate his body. When asked what she did next, she told police that “she sucked the victim’s penis, that she had a dildo that she put in the victim’s mouth, and then in the victim’s “ass”.” Schabusiness told police she had played with the Shad’s remains for about two or three hours and was in the basement all day Tuesday with the victim’s body. She would dismember him Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Her plan was to bring all the body parts with her, but became lazy and only brought legs and a foot with her. She also told police she did not mean to kill Shad and it was not planned. She had kept choking him because she liked it.

 When asked about the van she was driving, Schabusiness responded with “damn the head”; “I can’t believe I left the head, though. When detectives asked where the rest of the remains were, she told them they were in the basement and “the police were going to have fun trying to find all the organs.” 

According to court documents, Schabusiness got all the knives she used from the kitchen in the house. She also made the remark that the bread knife worked the best because of its serrated blade.

Arrest & Charges

Schabusiness was arrested upon the conclusion of the interview.

According to her arrest information, she had an open case from August 29, 2020 for Resisting or Obstructing an Officer; she was placed on probation.

She now has a charge for violating her probation in addition to 1st degree Intentional Homicide; Mutilating a Corpse; and 3rd degree Sexual Assault. She is being held on $2,000,000 bail.

Other Information

According to her arrest docket, Schabusiness is married. According to Facebook, the man is Warren Schabusinees, who is in jail on unrelated charges.

Schabusiness & her husband, Warren

Court Proceedings

On May 19, 2022, Taylor Schabusiness was found competent to stand trial. She has a preliminary hearing set for June 2, 2022. 

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