The Disappearance of Alicia Navarro

Alicia Navarro

On September 15, 2019, Alicia Navarro, 14, snuck out of her home, leaving a note, swearing to her parents she would be back. Alicia has not been seen since.


Alicia Navarro was born on September 20, 2004, to Ivan and Jessica Nunez. Alicia is a big sister to a younger brother and a younger sister. According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Alicia is “high-functioning autistic 14-year-old”. She lived with her family in Glendale, Arizona.

On September 13, 2019, Alicia was allowed to stay home from school. She was enrolled at Bourgade Catholic High School in Phoenix, Arizona, the AZ Central reported. The next day, Alicia and her mom, Jessica, spent the day out together.

In the early hours on September 15, 2019, Alicia asked her mother what time she was going to bed. This would be the last time Jessica saw her daughter.  

Left Home

A few hours later, on September 15, 2019, Alicia left her parents a note stating, “I ran away. I will be back, I swear. I’m sorry.” She took her Apple MacBook Pro Laptop and phone with her when she snuck out of her home.

The letter left by Alicia Navarro

Alicia Navarro weighed 95 lbs. And was 4’5” and had braces when she went missing. Her hair is brown, and she has brown eyes. It is believed she may have been wearing a white sweatshirt and a whitewash denim overall skirt with black vans.

Reported Missing

In the morning, when Jessica realized Alicia was not in the house, she called 911. Investigators launched an investigation, and the Arizona Department of Public Safety issued a Silver Alert. Over the years, investigators have followed up on over 300 tips. None have generated any substantial leads.

The Search for Alicia Navarro Continues

Jessica continues to search for her daughter. She believes an individual she met online, through gaming, lured her daughter out of her home.

Alicia Navarro (Age progression: 17)

In 2022, when Jessica turned 18, the Glendale Police Department gave the following statement to ABC15:

“At this time there is no new case information for release. On Tuesday she will turn 18, the important thing for the public to be aware of is that regardless of the fact that she will no longer be classified as a minor, her case status will not be affected. She will still be listed as an unknown missing person's case and the case will still continue to be worked. Our detectives still get, on average, at least one workable tip a week to follow up on. We continue to ask that the public stay vigilant and if they believe they have any information or a sighting that they please call us at 623-930-3000 with any information. We hope that one day soon Alicia is located safely and reunited with her mother and family. Thank you for continuing to keep her story at the forefront.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Glendale Police at (623) 930-3000.

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