The Disappearance of Cheryl Kenney

Cheryl Kenney

On February 27, 1991, Cheryl Kenney went missing after she finished her shift at a convenience store in Nevada, Missouri.

Cherly Kenney

Cherly Kenney was born on July 8, 1960. According to the Cheryl Ann Kenny website, she was married to Walter James Kenney. Together, they had four children.

At the time of her disappearance, she was 30 years old, was 5’7”, and weighed 117 pounds. Cheryl had green eyes and light brown hair with bleach blonde tips. She was wearing a blue sweatshirt, blue jeans, and a blue jean jacket, with white tennis shoes. She wore tan eyeglasses.


On February 27, 1991, Cheryl Kenney finished up her shift at the Quality Convenience Store, a local convenience store, on Business 71 Highway, in Vernon County, Nevada, Missouri. She and a coworker, Lowell Hulse Jr., had been doing their nightly routine so they could close the store early. Lowell would recall that there had been a male customer who he did not recognize stop in the store before they closed. Lowell, who was the maintenance man for the convenience store, packed up his truck and left.

Quality Convenience Store Source: Cheryl Ann Kenney website

She had clocked out at 10:00p.m. and set the store alarm at 10:17p.m. There has not been a trace of Cheryl since. Cheryl never arrived home. Her car, which appeared undisturbed, was found in the parking lot of the convenience store.


Cheryl’s husband, Walter, started becoming concerned. He drove his motorcycle to Cheryl’s job and saw her car parked in the parking lot. The store had been closed, and the lights were out. There was no sign of Cheryl. Walter decided to drive to a member of Cheryl’s family, who lived nearby. She was not there. Walter continued to check places he thought his wife may be. When Cheryl did not arrive home by 2a.m., he contacted the Nevada Police Department.

Police arrived on scene shortly after Walter contacted them. Upon arrival, they determined there had been no signs of foul play and thought Cheryl may have left of her own accord. A search would be conducted later in the day; there was nothing discovered.

A few days later, after a newspaper article was published, two witnesses came forward and told police they heard screams the night Cheryl went missing.

Potential Links

Police have theorized that Chery’s disappearance may be linked to other similar cases that occurred in the area.

On January 19, 1991, Trudy Darby went missing after she finished a shift at a local convenience store in Macks Creek, Missouri. Her body was found the next day. Jesse Rush and Marvin Chaney (half-brothers) were found guilty of her murder.

On April 4, 1991, Angela Hammond was abducted while on the payphone, talking to her fiancé. She has never been seen or heard from again. Though there may be some similarities, police have different theories on Angela Hammond’s disappearance.

Investigators do not have any evidence linking these cases. Anyone with information about Cheryl Kenney or Angela Hammond is asked to call (417) 667-8477.

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  • Samuel Poe

    Did police investigate Lowell Hulse Jr. to find anything suspicious? He was the last person known to have seen her.

    Police and her car! They actually thought she left without her car? And Angela Hammond also went missing a month later.

    Her husband quickly took action yet did police consider him a person of interest? An obvious extended investigation was not conducted by police in both cases!

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