The Disappearance of Kirsten Brueggeman

Kirsten Brueggeman, 27, disappeared on January 2, 2021, from the southeastern adjoining corner sections of the YMCA parking lot and Abbey Meadows apartment complex parking lot in Lawrence, Indiana. She was last seen on surveillance camera footage at approximately 2:00 a.m.


Her family described Kristen as an animal lover with a “vivacious spirit.” She was staying with her parents while getting her life plan together. She worked at Cicis Pizzeria and enjoyed her work. Kristen depended on her parents for transportation to and from work, but on this night, January 2, 2021, she had told them she wouldn’t need a ride because she had planned to go out with friends after work.

Night Before Kristen Brueggeman’s Disapperance

Kirsten’s shift at the pizzeria ended around 10:00 p.m. She texted Eddie Bradford and asked him to meet her at Manley’s Irish Mutt, a local pub near the intersection of 10th Street and Shadeland Avenue. Bradford had been a friend that she had known for 12 years. They had met in school and had dated, but their relationship had ended a year before. They had remained close friends following the break-up.

When Bradford arrived at Manley’s, he found Kirsten was already drunk and decided not to stay. Bradford went home to the apartment that he shared with his mother, just a few blocks from Manley’s. Not long after arriving home, he received a phone call from his friend, Jared Kramerer. The pair returned to Manley’s. Bradford later told investigators, “We were going to chill, get some food and play some darts until close. The bar was closing earlier than normal around midnight because of Covid.”

Shortly after arriving, the men were joined by two other friends, Olivia Dufour and Robyn Lybrook Hirt. The group didn’t stay long because Kirsten vomited on the table and the bar management asked them to leave. Bradford and Kirsten had a brief argument in front of the bar, and Kirsten ended up punching the vehicle window two times. Before the group left, things had calmed down, and Bradford asked Kirsten if she needed a ride or wanted to call someone for a ride. She declined.

Kirsten Brueggeman’s Disapperance

Area surveillance cameras captured Kirsten walking around the area. The security camera at the YMCA parking lot captured her walking across the lot, heading in the direction of the Abbey Meadows Apartment Complex. A fence surrounds the area of the lot. Investigators surmised she would either come back into view of the camera or have to climb the fence while extremely intoxicated. Kirsten never came back into camera view, so climbing the fence was the theory that investigators followed. The camera footage captured a mid-sized dark-colored SUV parked on the other side of the fence.

The camera’s video feed was interrupted for approximately 30 minutes. When it came back on, Kirsten was not seen, but the camera saw captured the same SUV leaving the area in the background. Investigators were not able to identify the SUV and a search of the site has yielded no information or evidence.

Kristen Brueggeman is Reported Missing

When Kirsten didn’t arrive home, her parents, Rex and Lisa Brueggeman, reported her missing. Investigators attempted to ping her cell phone, but the cell phone battery had died while she was at the pub. In addition to police investigators, the Brueggeman’s hired a private investigator from Lauth Investigations International. The police, Bradford, Kirsten’s friends, co-workers, and the greater community have been involved in many searches for Kirsten. Mike Manley, the owner of Manley’s Irish Mutt, has continued to offer any assistance that he can. Flyers have been consistently posted around the community and information bands have been hung on front door knobs. Still, no new information has been gleaned.

The disappearance of Kirsten Brueggeman has garnered a lot of coverage from different media organizations, including being a part of the season 10 premiere episode of “Vanished in the Night”, an Investigation Discovery series. Their press statement can be found here. Various online amateur sleuths have spent many hours looking at the case.

The investigation of Kirsten Brueggeman’s disappearance remains an ongoing investigation. Anyone with further information is asked to contact the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department at 317-327-6160 or by email at missingpersons@indy.gov1

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