The Disappearance of Ray Gricar

Ray Gricar

Ray Gricar disappeared on April 15, 2005, from Bellefonte, PA. On that day, Ray left halfway through his workday. His last confirmed sighting was as he left work, driving his 2004 Mini Cooper. The vehicle is described as being red-colored with a white top. He has a vanity plate. There is a $5000 reward for information that leads to locating Ray Gricar.

Ray was the Centre County District Attorney for 20 years at the time of his disappearance. Authorities have stated that they do not believe that his disappearance had anything to do with any past or current cases that he was working on. He was thought of kindly in his personal and professional career.

The Day Ray Gricar Disappeared

At 11:30 a.m., while on his way home, Ray used his cell phone to call his girlfriend Patty Fornicola. He told her he was on Route 192 and headed toward Lewisburg, PA. He never arrived home.

Fornicola reported Ray missing at approximately 11:30p.m. Since that last contact, there has been no activity on Ray’s cell phone, bank accounts, credit cards, or email accounts.

Ray Gricar and his Mini Cooper

On April 16, 2005, the day after Ray disappeared, his vehicle was located just outside of the town of Lewisburg. It was in a dirt parking lot near the Susquehanna River. Authorities found Ray’s vehicle about 45 miles east of his home in Bellefonte. Authorities stated that there didn’t appear to be any signs of foul play, but they found cigarette ashes inside the vehicle. It was reported that Ray had a strong dislike for cigarettes, which makes this discovery suspicious. Investigators also found Ray’s cell phone and water bottle inside the vehicle. His vehicle keys have never been discovered. It was also noted that Ray’s work-issued laptop was not at his work or residence, but both his laptop case and power source were at his home.

Authorities gave polygraphs to Ray’s girlfriend, Patty, and his stepdaughter to ensure all bases were covered. They passed the polygraphs without difficulty. There was also a theory regarding possible suicide, but there have been no facts to definitively support that theory.

Further Clues in The Disappearance of Ray Gricar

In late July 2005, 3 months after Ray went missing, his laptop was discovered in the Susquehanna River, underwater and pressed up against a bridge support. The location was in the general area of where his car had been located months prior. The computer’s hard drive had been removed. Three months after that, in October 2005, the hard drive was on the banks of the same river and was damaged beyond repair.

During their investigation, authorities learned the phrases “how to wreck a hard drive” and “water damage to a notebook computer” had been looked up on Ray’s computer.

Within the first few months of Ray disappearing, there were reports of possible sightings of Ray, but none of them were confirmed. In July 2011, Ray was declared legally dead, but his status remains as a missing person.

Further Information

Anyone with any additional information regarding the disappearance of Ray Gricar is asked to contact the Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers at 1-800-4PA-TIPS (8477) or anonymously online.

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