The Guardipee Family Murder

On June 18, 2023, Majorjon A. Kaylor, 31, shot and killed four people, determined to be his neighbors, at an apartment building in Kellogg, ID. The victims are Kenneth Guardipee, 65, his daughter, Kenna Guardipee, 41, and her sons Aiken Smith, 16, and Devin Smith, 18. At the time of his arrest, Kaylor informed police officers he had committed the murders to protect his daughters from what he described as a pedophile that had been living in the adjacent apartment of the two-apartment building. This case is an open and ongoing investigation.

Events Leading Up to The Deaths

Majorjon Kaylor and his wife, Kaylie M. Kaylor, lived at 515 West Brown Avenue, Kellogg, ID, with their two minor daughters and one minor son. The residential building housed two apartments. A family had moved into the adjacent apartment not too long before the incident took place. Members of the family were Kenneth Guardipee, Kenna Guardipee, Devin Smith and a sixteen-year-old minor later identified as Aiken Smith.

On Tuesday, June 13, 2023, Kaylie Kaylor called the police to their residence with the complaint that Devin Smith, 18, had been nude, standing in a window of his residence. Kaylie explained that she and her young daughter witnessed Smith gripping his penis and masturbating himself while staring at her and her young daughter. Kaylie Kaylor stated she had spoken to the family several times prior to the incident. She had also contacted the landlord to explain the situation. Kaylie made a social media post, describing the incident. There was an overwhelming public response regarding Smith’s behavior while at school and how, despite being reported to school administration over a several-year period, the behavior continued unthwarted. Police immediately began their investigation into the reported event of June 13th.

The Day of The Killings

On June 18, 2023 (Father’s Day), at approximately 6:00 p.m., Kaylie Kaylor was in the shared backyard, watering the plants, when an argument between her and neighbor, Kenna Guardipee, took place. The subject of the argument was the inappropriate behavior of Kenna’s son, Devin Smith, and how the Kaylor family didn’t believe that his actions were being taken seriously by the family or law enforcement. It was during this time that Majorjon Kaylor arrived home from work and joined his wife in the backyard. It was also reported that Kenneth Guardipee had come into the backyard, as well.

Kaylie Kaylor stated she had been standing near her husband, Majorjon Kaylor, but had not been looking at the group. She heard a gunshot and looked up to witness Kenna Guardipee’s fall to the ground near the rear entrance of her apartment. She then witnessed Kenneth Guardipee fall to the ground, near Kenna Guardipee. Kaylie Kaylor ran into her family’s residence. She further explained that while in the residence, she heard several additional gunshots. After a couple of minutes of silence, she came back outside, where she rejoined her husband, Majorjon.

Majorjon gave his wife his cell phone, keys, and wallet, asking her to hold on to them for him. She stated he had told her he did what he had to do and asked her to explain to their daughters that he had done this to protect them. Kaylie placed both of their cell phones in their residence while Majorjon placed his weapon, holster and belt in open view, on the front seat of his 2022 Dodge Ram pickup that was parked in their driveway. Majorjon and Kaylie Kaylor stood in the small residential street, waiting for the police to arrive.

Police Arrive To The Scene

A caller made the first phone call to the Shoshone County 911 Dispatch Center at approximately 7:20 p.m. reporting gunshots in the area of 515 West Brown Avenue in Kellogg, ID. A second phone call was received just minutes later that reported a person had shot his neighbors. The first police officer who arrived on scene at 7:24 p.m. was Sergeant Jared Bilaski with The Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office. Sgt. Bilaski observed Majorjon and Kaylie Kaylor waiting on the street in front of their residence. In the initial contact, Mr. Kaylor immediately informed Sgt. Bilaski that he had just shot and killed his neighbors. Kaylor stated he had “snapped”, “lost it ”, and “Did something about it”, meaning his perceived lack of action regarding Smith’s behavior. Idaho State Police Detective, Justin Klitch, arrived on scene at approximately 7:57 p.m. Kaylor was immediately placed under arrest and read his Miranda Rights. Mr. Kaylor explained to Det. Klitch that he had been extremely concerned with Devin Smith’s behavior which he had described as “suspicious, watching his children, and purposefully being naked in front of his children.” Mr. Kaylor had referred to Smith as a “pedophile”. After offering a brief statement, Mr. Kaylor requested an attorney and the initial police interview ended.

The Investigation

Investigators obtained video security footage (both audio and video) from businesses near the Kaylor’s West Brown Avenue residence. The security footage corroborated the account of events reported by Majorjon and Kaylie Kaylor. Investigators interviewed Kaylie Kaylor. Her account matched her husband’s account and over five minutes of security footage. Mrs. Kaylor also stated that during the previous incident on June 13, 2023, her husband informed police he would do anything to protect his children by anyone who would mean to do his children harm. Mrs. Kaylor explained she had thought that he meant “beating someone up.” She further stated that she and her husband had discussed the case of Gary Plauche, the father who shot and killed the man suspected of kidnapping and raping his child. The Plauche case gained national attention when Plauche shot and killed the accused on live television.

Investigators obtained search warrants to fully process the scene. They recovered from Kaylor’s 2022 Dodge Ram, a.45 caliber High Point semi-automatic pistol with one bullet in the chamber and five bullets in the magazine. investigators recovered an empty magazine from the vehicle’s floor. They surmised that the amount of discharged ammunition within the residence matched both of the magazine capacities combined.

Kaylor’s Victims

Investigators noted the location and condition of the victims in an Affidavit In Support Of A Warrantless Arrest and Criminal Citation felony.

Kenna Guardipee was on the concrete walkway at the rear entrance to her residence. She had one gunshot wound to her right temple, which appeared to have been shot from a close range. Shell casings from a.45 caliber firearm were in the rear entrance area.

Kenneth Guardipee was also on the concrete walkway/step area, at the rear entrance of the residence, just feet from Kenna Guardipee. He had one gunshot to his right temple, which appeared to have been shot from a close range.

Aiken Smith, 16, was located just inside the apartment, laying face down in the area between the living room and kitchen. He had one gunshot wound to his right temple area. A single.45 caliber shell casing was near his body.

Devin Smith, 18, was located in an upstairs bedroom behind the door, on his knees with his face on the floor. He had multiple gunshot wounds to his head. Investigators noted that there were multiple.45 caliber shell casings on the floor.

Kenneth Guardipee, Devin Smith, Kenna Guardipee, and Aiken Smith

Kaylor’s Investigation Summary

The Investigation Summary identified what investigators believed happened at the scene. The audio from the neighboring security footage supports the theory that Kenna Guardipee was shot first, which is based on her location. Kenneth Guardipee was shot just a couple of seconds later. It is believed that Mr. Kaylor entered the rear entry of the residence where he encountered Aiken Smith. Aiken was shot while laying down on his stomach. Investigators describe multiple seconds pass before multiple gunshots can be heard on the security footage, which is when it is believed Kaylor shot Devin Smith upstairs. Investigators noted that one single gunshot was sustained by Kenna and Kenneth Guardipee, and Aiken Smith, while multiple gunshots were sustained by Devin Smith. A final count of Devin Smith’s gunshot wounds has not been released at this time.

The Community’s Response

When the small rural community of Kellogg, ID, learned of the deaths, members of the community made many social media posts. Many school students stated that, over the years, they had had run-ins and issues with Devin Smith. Multiple complaints had been made to school district employees and law enforcement, yet students say that Smith’s inappropriate behavior was never curbed. In severe contrast, the outpouring of positive statements regarding Aiken Smith were numerous. It was stated that Aiken Smith was an amazing person who had the intention of joining the military following his high school graduation.

The Charges Against Majorjon Kaylor

In the State of Idaho, burglary is defined as “Every person who enters any house, room, apartment, tenement, store, shop, warehouse, mill, barn, stable, outhouse, or a building, tent, vessel, vehicle, trailer, airplane, or railroad car with intent to commit any theft or any felony is guilty of burglary.”

On June 19, 2023, Majorjon Kaylor was officially charged with four counts of Murder in the First Degree (I.C. 18-4003), and two counts of Burglary (I.C. 18-1401). At present, Kaylor is being housed with no bond, in The Shoshone County Jail pending further legal proceedings. A status conference is set for July 3, 2023 at 8:30 a.m. and the preliminary hearing for 1:30 p.m. that same day. This case remains an active and ongoing investigation.maj

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  • Anthony Petrarca

    No matter what, you don’t go out and in cold blood murder anyone!!! Murder is not an answer to a problem. The fact that he snapped and killed 4 people, 3 who did absolutely nothing, there is no telling that he would snap on his own family. The purpose of owning a guy is to protect one inside their own, not to go out and murder people. The fact he also acknowledged he snapped shows that he mentally should not have owned a gun of any kind. I’m not condoning what the 18 year old did, nor the problems he caused with others, but you don’t kill anyone! The fact he was in his home when it was said he was pleasuring himself, there may be a privacy issue, the the woman and her kids didn’t have to look in the window of a home that wasn’t theirs. The fact they went on social media about the incidents shows the anger that was brewing with them. They dicussed a prior case where a man shot another. If the court system doesn’t see this was premediated, then there is something seriously wrong with them. I feel bad for his kids now won’t have a father in their lives because he will be in jail facing the death penalty. So what he taught them, was it was ok to kill someone and their family. Period. Those who defend him for what he did would be just at mentally unstable as he was.

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