The Kidnapping of Jayson Pearce

Jayson Pearce

On April 18, 1983, John Grooms abducted his 1-year-old stepson, Jayson Nathaniel Pearce, from their home in Phoenix, Arizona. Jayson would be 40 years old. He is still missing, and his case is still open. At the time of his abduction, Jayson was 3’0″, 20 pounds. He was described as a Caucasian male with sandy brown hair and green eyes.

On April 18, 1983, police stopped Jayson’s mother, Napoleon Grooms, for driving while intoxicated. Her son, Jayson, was in the car with her. Police arrested Napoleon and her husband, John Grooms (Jayson’s stepfather), picked Jayson up. Napoleon had another son, Michael, who was being watched elsewhere.

A judge sentenced Napoleon to 10 days in jail. When she was let out, she returned home expecting to find both of her sons and husband home. Instead, she found a note from Grooms that stated, “You are an unfit parent. Michael is only 6 years old, and he is lying just like you. If it is possible, I will see that Jayson doesn’t turn out like that. Believe me, Jayson is safe and being well cared for. I wish I could have done the same for Michael.” Michael was left in the home.

Jayson Pearce age progression

In January 1984, John Grooms was arrested in Durango, Colorado and charged with felony custodial interference. At the time of his arrest, Jayson was not with Grooms; and he refused to cooperate with the police on Jayson’s location. Subsequently, Grooms was sentenced to 1 year 8 months. A judge reduced his sentence to 1 year 5 months. Grooms only served 8 months of his sentence before the courts released him on parole. Over the years, he has continued to not cooperate with police and has refused to admit to abducting Jayson.

It was reported that Grooms allegedly wrote to other people stating that Jayson was safe and being raised by a Quaker family, but this claim has never been substantiated.

The Phoenix Police Department has Jayson Pearce classified as “Endangered Missing”. They are asking anyone with any information contact them directly at (602) 262-7351.

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