The Murder of Anna Bachmeier

Anna Bachmeier was seven years old when she was abducted, raped, and murdered by Klaus Grabowski. In the courtroom during his trial, Anna’s mother, Marianne Bachmeier, shot Grabowski 8 times. He died on the courtroom floor.

Anna Bachmeier was born in Lübeck, Germany, on November 14, 1972 to Marianne Bachmeier, 23. Anna’s father chose not to be involved in the pregnancy or Anna’s upbringing, so Marianne was raising Anna as a single parent. Marianne worked as a waitress in Lübeck while Anna attended elementary school.

The Events

On the morning of May 5, 1980, Anna had an argument with her mother. She was upset and wanted to see a friend of hers, so Anna opted to skip school that day. Shortly after leaving her home pretending to go to school, Anna was lured into an apartment by a neighbor, Klaus Grabowski, a 35-year-old butcher with a promise that she could play with his cats.

Grabowski sexually assaulted Anna for several hours before strangling her with a pair of his fiancé’s tights. He tied her body up using skills he had learned in his profession. Grabowski placed Anna’s body in a box and buried her on the banks of the local canal in a shallow grave. When his fiancé returned home from work later that afternoon and learned what he had done, she immediately contacted the police. Investigators discovered Anna’s remains and arrested Grabowski for her abduction, rape, and murder.

Klaus Grabowski

Klaus Grabowski was very well known in the community and among law enforcement. He had received a probation sentence in 1973 for strangling a 6-year-old girl. In a second attack just a couple of years later, he sexually molested two 9-year-old children. Grabowski accepted the option of chemical castration in lieu of a prison sentence in 1976. In 1978, approximately two years later, Grabowski secretly began hormone therapy to reverse the effects of the chemical castration.

The Trial and Death of Grabowski

The trial against Grabowski began on March 3, 1981. Grabowski had testified that 7-year-old Anna had attempted to seduce him and that he had killed her because she had threatened to tell her mother of the attack unless he gave her money. Marianne Bachmeier took personal offense at Grabowski’s allegations regarding her daughter. On March 6, 1981, Bachmeier could secretly carry a.22 caliber Beretta 70 pistol in her purse into the packed courtroom. She saw Grabowski in the front of the courtroom. Bachmeier raised the Beretta 70 and opened fire on Grabowski. She fired 8 shots, striking him 7 times. Some reports say that he died almost instantly on the courtroom floor. It should be noted that other reports suggest he died on the way to the hospital.

Marianne Bachmeier’s Arrest and Sentencing

Marianne Bachmeier was immediately taken into custody with no resistance or issue. She told the courtroom judge that was present, “I wanted to kill him. I wanted to shoot him in the face, but I shot him in the back… I hope he’s dead.” In her official statement, she wrote, “I did it for you, Anna.” She included seven hearts to depict the seven years of Anna’s life.

In 1983, Marianne Bachmeier was given a prison sentence of six years for premeditated manslaughter, which she served without incident. She was released on parole in June 1985. Parole was continued for two years and ten months following her release.

Bachmeier’s Final Years

In the later part of 1985, Bachmeier married a (unnamed) German school teacher and moved to Lagos, Nigeria in 1988 on a teaching sabbatical. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1990 and Marianne spent a short time in Sicily where she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. She returned to Lübeck, Germany, for the remainder of her life. Marianne Bachmeier died from Pancreatic Cancer on September 17, 1996.

Marianne and Anna Bachmeier are buried together at Burgtorfriedhof in Lübeck, Germany.

Closing Notes

This case caused an international media frenzy. Two main points stood out among public opinion. The first was that individuals sided with Marianne Bachmeier, stating that she did the right thing by taking the life of the man who confessed to abducting, raping and murdering her 7-year-old-daughter. The second opinion was that she should not have killed him because he was due his day in court to defend himself, although he had made a very thorough confession to investigators and offered the same during two days of court proceedings.


  • Maria

    If probably she would not kill him he would of gotten out sonner or later and committed the same crime , he had already done so much. She did save more children from being molested and maybe murder maybe she’s rest in peace with her little girl and may God bless her

  • Annette M Pastran

    I’m happy this mother saved other Children’s lives and got some revenge. It’s not enough! It won’t take the pain away or bring her daughter back. Good job mom!

  • pearl green

    I felt I was going to vomit when I read the defence? of this evil depraved monster, hell have no fury to a woman scorned. A bullet was too good for this monster, in jail he would have been a rock spider and probably killed under a veil of fear the same that Anna suffered. Severe trauma was what probably caused Mariannes cancer, without a doubt I would have done the same, my daughter is my world as Im sure Anna was to her mother. The world has too much tolerance to these vile acts, they should be dragged through the streets and trampled by a herd of bulls monster like this evil evil

    • pearl

      First a rope, then petrol and a single flame, no question time “why did you do it?” just a count down to seven for every year this little girl lived with her mother.

  • Patrick

    I can’t believe the German law system I hope it is better now. The child that this pig strangled in 73 should of put his ass on death row! If it was the USA those other children probably would be alive.

  • pearl

    If multiple shooters gad if entered tge court room with guns in their coats and fired at the sane time it would not be so easy to lay the blame at this already tortured mother.

  • Bill White

    Marianne Bachmeier should have received probation. She did not deserve jail.
    Klaus Grabowski should not have ever been set free after the first murder he was arrested for, the strangulation of the six year old girl in 1973. The fact that he went on to sexually molest two kids later and then rape and murder Anna indicates that thorough testing would have proven him unfit for society. Yet he got probation for murder and Marianne got six years for killing her daughter’s murderer. Madness.

    • Tammy Hynes

      Wonderful lady and mother she’s my hero. Why was this man even out of jail he’d already killed a another child and raped 2 more. Shame on the judge and the courts

      • Sonja

        Because the world is run by pedophiles. They are at the top of the most important organizations starting with the legal system.

        • Jessica

          yes i agree if only people cared enough to get together n fight for our children n loved ones fought against all the pedophiles that control the legal system etc . if we all came together as one in numbers that could stampeed tru them like spcs of salt then we could stop n take back control or atleast put up a fight fought for wat is wrong a difference would be made but instead we dont i dont understand that i every night struggle with that fact n loose plenty of sleep thinking on how i could come up with the right words tools and open up that first march againts these sick monsters praying on our innocent baby ‘s .. Any ideas

  • David Stewart

    The fact he was not already in prison for life due to his filthy offences says so much, he strangles a young girl then sexually assaults two girls and he’s not in prison 🙄 the state is also guilty of that poor child’s murder.
    The mother is a hero who when meeting her daughter in heaven can tell her don’t worry my darling child mummy gave you real justice, mummy not only gave you justice she saved many other children from a seriously sick child predator, hence even after taking a life she’s in heaven with her poor murdered daughter.


    To have cancer on top of a divorce and her child been raped and murdered; it seems so wrong for obe to have to suffer so much. She is a hero. I agree with those who have said he should never have been released to the community, to be allowed to live near a small child is a sickening indictment on the German justice system. She killed to avenge her baby; praise to her.
    May she rest in peace with her baby always.

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