The Murder of Anna Borntreger

Samuel Borntreger

Anna Borntreger was a 26-year-old Amish woman who was murdered by her husband, Samuel Borntreger, in Harrison County, MO on December 4, 2006.

Anna Borntreger

Anna was born on December 20, 1979, to Abe & Sylvia Yoder. She was a devoted wife and mother of 5 very young children, with the youngest being 10 months old. Anna lived within the Amish community of Harrison County, MO. Anna had married Samuel Borntreger, a cabinetmaker, on March 2, 2000. Family, friends, and neighbors described her as being very timid and kind, but very devoted to her husband, her family, and her faith.

The Incident

In the months prior to her death, Anna had become very ill. The family had garnered the assistance of a woman named Mary Yoder to help in caring for the children. Anna had first been diagnosed with liver problems, but family and friends had suggested she get a second opinion. Over a few months’ time, Anna became more ill until her sudden death on December 4, 2006. It was during this time that Samuel began having an affair with Mary Yoder.

The Confession

On January 11, 2016, Samuel Borntreger, 39, walked into the Barren County Kentucky Sheriff’s Office and confessed to killing his wife 9 years earlier in Missouri. Borntreger told investigators he had grown tired of his wife and that he didn’t love her anymore. He explained that his faith didn’t allow for divorce, so he had decided to kill Anna. Borntreger explained he had first began giving her copious amounts of Tylenol, which caused liver issues but not death. He then began sneaking anti-freeze into her favorite drinks. This made her violently ill, but it “wasn’t working fast enough”. It did, however, cause her to go into a coma. While in the coma, he started inserting battery acid into her rectum using a syringe. This brought on her death quickly.

Within months of Anna’s death, Samuel married Mary Yoder and had 5 additional children with her, which made a total of 10 children. Approximately two years after Anna’s death, Samuel moved his family from Missouri to Summer Shade, KY. While in Kentucky, Samuel continued cabinetmaking, but was also trying to begin his career as a minister. He stated that the reason for his confession was to “get right with God” because he wanted to become a minister.

The Investigation

Investigators were shocked at the confession made by Samuel Borntreger. They immediately placed him under arrest and contacted investigators in Harrison County, MO. Borntreger was held without bond in Kentucky until he was extradited back to Missouri. Leading the investigation in Missouri was Josh Eckerson, Sheriff of Harrison County, and prosecutor, Cristine Stallings. They stated that the confession was a complete surprise, and that Borntreger was “well known and liked” within the community. Stallings explained that some of Borntreger’s cabinetry was in many homes throughout the area, and also her office and the courtroom of the county courthouse.

Missouri authorities exhumed Anna’s body from an Amish cemetery to confirm Samuel’s confession.

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The Aftermath

Initially, Samuel Borntreger was charged with first-degree murder, but following a plea bargain, he plead guilty to second-degree murder for the death of Anna Borntreger. Under the plea agreement, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. He is serving his sentence in the Western Missouri Correctional Center.

Judge Terry Tschannen presided over the case. He is quoted saying, “She (your wife) trusted you and believed she was safe with you. You broke that trust when you took her life. And not one place in your confession do you express regret or sorrow. I don’t see the words I’m sorry for what I did.”

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    25 years for the torture he put her through ⁉️ Don’t understand how he got a plea deal ‼️ No remorse‼️ just got tired of her😡

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