The Murder of Caliyah Guyton

On April 28, 2022, Michael S. Geiger raped and drowned Caliyah Guyton at the Grand Prairie Hotel on Oklahoma.


Caliyah Guyton staying at the Grand Prairie Hotel with both her parents and grandparents.

According to news outlets, Geiger was an employee of a company that was hired by the hotel to make repairs in two different rooms. Geiger arrived at the hotel sometime on April 27, 2022. He befriended the Guyton family and offered to buy Caliyah a snack.

Later in the evening, on April 27, 2022, Caliyah went to sleep in one of the hotel rooms with her grandfather. While she slept, her parents went to Geiger’s room to hang out with him. News outlets states there was evidence showing they were using methamphetamine and alcohol.

At some point, Giger offered Chelsea Guyton (Caliyah’s mother) $5,000 to spend the night with him. Chelsea refused, but told Giger that they knew someone who would be willing. Both of Caliyah’s parents left to go get the woman.

Michael Geiger

The Murder

After Caliyah’s parents left, Giger snuck into the room where Caliyah was sleeping with her grandfather and took her to his room. Geiger would attack and rape Caliyah. He wrapped a pair of orange shorts around her neck and put her in the hotel pool.

While this was going on, Caliyah’s grandmother arrived at the hotel and noticed that the room door was open a bit, but assumed that Caliyah was with her parents and went inside and continued her night.

Police Arrive

Around 1:47 a.m. on April 28, 2022, police are called to the hotel once Caliyah was found in the pool. Witnesses pulled her from the pool and attempted CPR, but Caliyah died. Police noticed injuries on Caliyah and believed she was sexually assaulted.

Their investigation quickly leads them to identify Giger as a suspect. Geiger had already fled from the hotel and police launched a search for him.  

At 9:13 a.m., after a 7-hour search, police found Giger on the roof of 2710 S. Van Buren Street. According to the police press release, Giger had been released from prison on March 29, 2022. He was in prison for a kidnapping that took place in Oklahoma County.

Giger was arrested and charged with first degree murder and first degree rape.


  • Julia Chaknova

    Why are the parents not being charged with child abuse resulting in death? If they admitted using meth near the toddler, this is child abuse. It is also reckless endangerment to have allowed a parolee (originally sentenced to prison for kidnapping) access to their child.

    • Tonya

      I completely agree..letting a strange man but her candy/snacks should have been a red flag to them. I don’t see the parents innocent in this mess either. That poor little girl didn’t stand a chance.

  • Rebecca

    i believe little Caliyah was the target from the second the pedophilic rapist encountered her family. the 5,000 dollar offer was the smokescreen & the bait for her blind idiotic parents seduced by the lure of money….amphetamines & alcohol, to separate them from the grandparents and Caliyah. This is what the enemy does. And this sweet chile paid the ultimate price….all because of their deep seated ignorance of the pedophilic monsters prowling day & night for the innocent.

  • Ms. Joyce

    RIP little one. I say it again and again for years. The majority of Children who are victims of child abuse and/or victims of murder have negligent parents and caregivers.

    This country does not care about children That is why the parents are not charged.

    This country will continue paying a steep price for not taking better care of its children.

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