The Murder of China Record

China Record (Source: WFLA)

China Record, 4, was rushed to the hospital after her grandmother forced fed her a half bottle of whiskey. China died from alcohol poisoning.

On April 21, 2022, China Record, took a sip from a bottle of Canadian Mist whiskey that was left on a counter. Her grandmother and mother caught her and became upset. As a punishment, Roxanne Record, 53, forced the 4-year-old to drink the rest of the bottle, while kneeling in the hallway. The bottle was more than half full. China’s mom Kadjah Record, 28, watched.

After the bottle of whiskey was empty, Kadjah Record placed China in the bathtub and called 911 once she noticed her daughter stopped breathing around 11:00 a.m.

Firefighters arrived on scene first and tried to perform life-saving techniques, but they were unsuccessful. Police arrived and placed both women under arrest. Roxanne told police she took full responsibility for what happened.

China had a blood alcohol level of .680, over 8 times the legal driving limit.

Both Roxanne Record and Kadjah Record have been charged with first-degree murder and have been denied bail.

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