The Murder of Dwight Grant

Dwight Grant

                On October 17, 2021, Dwight Grant, 18, was reported missing by his family when he did not come home for the night. Dwight’s mother had asked to see the video footage of her building, where she observed her son being beaten up by two individuals, while another stood around. She contacted police who went to the apartment complex. Police combed the area where the attack took place. He saw blood and roped off the area. While doing so, the officer located the body of a deceased male, believed to be Dwight. He also found a knife with a broken blade near the body.

Investigators Searching the Crimes Scene source: Michael Laughlin-South Florida Sun Sentinel

                Using the video surveillance from the building and nearby buildings, investigators were able to identify Parisien, Smith, and Clements. Through their investigation, they uncovered text messages between Parisien and Clements that suggest this was a planned attack.

Text messages obtained by investigators show a conversation that occurred a few days before the murder on 10/11/2021 between Parisien and Clements, where they plan what day they will attack and kill Dwight.

The following day, 10/12/2021, Parisien texts Dwight and asks him if he would like to have sex with her on the upcoming Sunday (10/17/2021).

Footage obtained by investigators shows Parisien leave her building complex in the Lake Vista Apartments, on October 17, 2021, and meets up with Smith and Clements; together they walked towards the victim’s apartment. Video also shows the group spilt up- Smith and Clements waited in the stairwell, while Parisien meet Dwight in a hallway.

According to the police affidavit, Dwight can be seen carrying Parisien on his back as he walked towards the staircase. Dwight and Parisien can be seen hanging around the landing on the first floor as Smith and Clements approach them. Dwight then attempts to run out of the stairwell, but Smith and Clements pull him back. Parisien can be seen on the footage standing at the entrance of the stairs. The affidavit describes Parisien’s behavior to be “acting as, what appears to be a lookout.” Smith told investigators that Parisien would tell them about passing cars and would also tell them that Dwight was making too much noise as he was being attacked. After being stabbed in the neck with the sword, Dwight was heard asking “the suspects to end him.” Smith held out his hand and Clemente killed him with a sword.

Video footage timestamps the attack to begin at 7:09pm and police estimate it lasted 31 minutes. After the attack, the three can be seen walking back and forth for a few minutes before Smith and Clements are seen what is believed to be a lifeless body. “They then toss the lifeless body of the victim over a railing and into bushes on the other side of the railing, in front of the bushes.” The trio then cleaned up with items they brought with them. After cleaning up, Smith hid the sword in her sweatshirt.

Jaslyn Smith-Mugshot
Christie Parisien-Mugshot
Andre Clements-Mugshot

The group then went to an undisclosed location where they burned their clothes. A security guard had interrupted them, so they left, leaving the sword behind. According to the affidavit, Clements also dropped a heart shaped necklace in the area. They went back to retrieve the items; they found the sword, but they did not locate the necklace.

The investigation uncovered what they believe to be a motive. A female who was intimate with Clements was also intimate with Dwight. Clements was upset about this, which investigators believe mad about a female he was involved with was intimate with Dwight.

 Text messages obtained by investigators show a conversation between Dwight and the unknown female. Before the text messages below were sent, Clements sent a text to the female stating, “We have plans for this person (name redacted) So if he makes you happy- Get used to him not being here anymore” (Affidavit, page 18).

Investigators arrest all three individuals. They are all awaiting trial. Parisien, Smith, and Clements have each been charged with the following:

                                Murder in the First Degree

                                Tampering with Physical Evidence

                                Conspiracy Murder First Degree

Candel Light Vigil for Dwight source: Michael Laughlin-South Florida Sun Sentinel

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