The Murder of Irina Moyer & Her Son, Dylan Moyer

Irina Moyer
Dylan Moyer

On June 17, 2011, Irina Moyer, 39, and her son, Dylan Moyer, 7, were murdered with a baseball bat in their Warrington, Pennsylvania home. The suspect was husband and father, Christopher Moyer, 44. Shortly after confessing his crimes to the Bucks County, PA 911 Dispatch Center, Moyer committed suicide by train.

The Moyer Family

Ukrainian born Irina Elizabeth Geller Moyer married Christopher Lee Moyer in April 2002. Their son, Dylan, was born on September 25, 2023. The family had lived an unassuming life. Family and neighbors later commented on how the love for their son had been clearly clear. Dylan had just finished the first grade at Titus Elementary School. His teachers had described him as an exceptionally smart child who had a love of non-fiction books, like the Magic Tree House series, and real-world facts on a variety of subjects, including whales. Everyone who encountered Dylan noticed how polite and well mannered he was.

Christopher Moyer

Christopher Moyer, born on May 21, 1967, was the only child of Korean War veteran Warren Moyer and his wife, Joyce Kressly Moyer. Christopher had attended Kutztown University and worked as a Freelance Computer Specialist. Neighbors described him as a reserved man that loved his family.

Irina, who was known by her middle name Elizabeth, was born on August 21, 1971 and also worked in the computer industry. Following her passing, a close friend described her as having a sensitive spirit, generous heart, beautiful smile and a gentle way.

The Night of the Moyer Family Murders

On the night of June 17, 2011, at approximately 9:40 p.m., the Bucks County 911 Dispatch Center received a telephone call. The caller identified himself as Christopher Moyer of Warrington, PA. Moyer calmly stated that he was calling to report that a mother and son had been bludgeoned to death. The dispatcher asked him who he was, and Moyer stated he was the husband. When the dispatcher asked him if he had committed the murders, Moyer plainly stated that he had. He was further asked if he was sure that they were dead. He responded that he “was positive.” Moyer disconnected the call. Police and medical services were dispatched to the scene

The Moyer Family Investigation

Investigators and emergency services arrived at the Moyer family home at 167 Red Stone Drive in Warrington, PA. When they made entry into the residence, they discovered Irina Moyer in the bathroom, adjacent to the upstairs master bedroom. According to the evidence, Irina had sustained blunt force trauma to the head, while asleep in the couple’s bed before being dragged to the ensuite bathroom.

167 Red Stone Drive, Warrington, PA Source:Google

Investigators discovered seven-year-old Dylan in his upstairs bedroom. He was laying in his bed deceased, with obvious signs of blunt force trauma to the head. A baseball bat, covered in blood, lay on Dylan’s bedroom floor. There were no signs of a struggle anywhere in the home, which suggested to detectives that the victims had been asleep when they were murdered.

Christopher Moyer was not found at the residence. While investigators were on the scene, Irina’s parents arrived at the residence. They told detectives that Dylan was supposed to have been dropped off at their home earlier in the day. When he didn’t arrive and no one answered their attempted telephone calls, they drove over to their house to check on the family.

Detectives learned from documents discovered at the home that the Moyer family was in financial difficulty. According to paperwork, a 2006 federal tax lien had been avoided, but a state tax lien had been placed on the family’s $450,000 home in September 2010. They also discovered a typed list of family members’ names and telephone numbers that had been attached to the front door of the residence.

The Suicide of Christopher Moyer

On June 18, 2011, at approximately 1:00 a.m., Montgomery County, Pennsylvania 911 Dispatch Center, received a telephone call that reported an incident on the rail line that intersects with Meadowbrook Avenue in the town of Hatboro, Pennsylvania. A short distance from Meadowbrook Avenue, police discovered a deceased male laying next to the train tracks. They quickly surmised that the individual had committed suicide by laying his head on the train tracks and waited for one of the SEPTA trains to take his life. Detectives discovered the deceased’s Toyota Camry parked near the incident site. The vehicle was determined to belong to Christopher Moyer. Detectives from Montgomery County were able to connect with investigators from Bucks County and a clear picture of this family tragedy unfolded.

Through further investigation, detectives were able to uncover several social media messages that Moyer had sent to different family members in which he apologized for the deaths of his wife and son.

Hatboro Station Source:Academic Accelerator

Bucks County, PA District Attorney, David Heckler, stated that there would not be any charges filed because there was no living person to file charges against. Heckler said that, based on the evidence, he believed that Christopher Moyer may have murdered his wife and son out of mercy. Heckler explained that he believed that Moyer decided to commit suicide due to the building financial pressure that the family had been experiencing. He further stated that instead of leaving his family to deal with the extreme financial burdens, he decided to spare them by murdering them before committing suicide himself.

The Aftermath

Goldsteins’, Rosenbergs’, Raphael-Sacks Funeral Home held the services for the mother and son. Irina and Dillan Moyer were laid to rest at Shalom Memorial Park in Huntingdon Valley/Lower Moreland, Pennsylvania. No information was provided regarding services for Christopher Moyer, but he was laid to rest in Cedar Hill Memorial Park, Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Irina & Dylan Moyer's tombstone Source:Find a Grave

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