The Murder of Karina Castro

Karina Castro Source: Facebook

On August 8, 2022, Karina Castro was beheaded on a street in San Carlos, California, by her ex-boyfriend Jose Raphael Solano Landeta, during an altercation.

Karina Castro

Karina Castro Source: Facebook


Karina Castro, 27, lived in an apartment in San Carlos, California, with her two daughters (ages 1 and 7), who she was determined to raise on her own, according to ABC 7. At the time of her murder, she was working as a Door Dash driver to support her family.

Besides her two daughters, Karina leaves behind her loving father, Marty Castro, her grandmother, and friends. Marty told Korn4 that Karina was his best friend.


Karina Castro was in a relationship with Jose Raphael Solano Landeta. Together, they had a daughter. According to Karina’s family, who gave an interview with ABC 7, Solano was diagnosed as schizophrenic and took medication. Her family stated he would use his diagnosis as an excuse for his abusive behavior.

Jose Solano Source: ABC 7

According to ABC 7, in April Karina got an order of protection against Solano after a violent altercation. Though the order of protection was in effect, Katrina would still see Solano. Marty told reporters he would beg her not to see him anymore.

Leading Up to the Murder

ABC 7 acquired snapchat messages between Katrina and Solano. ABC 7 has not released many of the message, citing explicit language.

During the exchange, Karina tells Solano she will expose that he was convicted for the rape of a minor. Solano responds by calling her “snitch lip” and “warns her to f**k around and find out.” Katrina responds by threatening to out a homosexual relationship Solano may have had with another man and added “Dude, go head, try to take my ass out.”

The Murder

Solano confronted Karina outside of her apartment. They began arguing and Solano retrieved a sword from his car. He attacked Karina with it, beheading her on the street next to her car.

Crime Scene Source: ABC 7


Solano initially fled the scene but returned soon after, where police arrested him. His arraignment is scheduled for September 12, 2022.

Jose Solano's booking information Source: San Mateo County Sheriff's Office

After the murder, CPS took Karina’s children. Her parents are actively working to obtain custody of them. Friends and family have set up a memorial at the location where Karina was murdered.

Memorial for Karina Castro Source: Facebook

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