The Murder of Kelli Goodermont

Kelli Goodermont

On March 15, 2022, Patrick Simmons stabbed his ex-girlfriend, Kelli Goodermont, multiple times before setting her on fire. He stated he killed her because she was a witch, and he was saving babies from being sacrificed.

Kelli Ranning Goodermont

Kelli Ranning Goodermont was born on November 17, 1977, in Bloomington, Minnesota. She grew up living with her parents, Betty and Craig Ranning and her brother Cory Ranning.

Kelli had three daughters, who she loved unconditionally. Her obituary describes her as a “proud momma bear” who would do anything for her children. Friends described Kelli to be caring; “she was the kind of person to give someone the shirt off her back if they needed.” Kelli loved to laugh and was loved by many.

Kelli had been in a relationship with Patrick Simmons for 10 years before he murdered her. They had been working in the same warehouse; she was a dispatcher, and he was a truck driver.


On May 14, 2018, court documents were filed citing domestic violence charges. Simmons was arrested for: Domestic Assault- Committed Act to Cause Fear of Immediate Bodily Harm or Death; Domestic Assault- Intentionally inflicts or attempted to inflict bodily harm; Assault; and disorderly conduct. These charges were dismissed on July 10, 2018. On this occasion, Simmons had been drinking and accused Kelli of flirting with their neighbor. He punched and kicked her before dragging her down the block. He also attacked the neighbor.

In March 2021, Simmons had serious mental health issues. He had a psychotic break and became delusional, believing that Kelli was a witch.

In June 2021, Kelli called the police twice on Simmons. Simmons told police he believed that green men with guns were in his backyard and were going to kill him. He was found with a gun and brought to the hospital. Kelli had filed for an order of protection against her ex. In June 2021, she told the courts that he had held a gun to her head.

On June 17, 2021, Simmons had a commitment hearing, which was “held off the record.” The following day, June 18, the decision to commit Simmons was stayed (cancelled). The commitment was stayed because Simmons was willing to stay on a treatment plan, which included psychiatric help. Simmons was held until December 2021 until he could secure housing. When Simmons was released, he had a case manager and agreed to stay away from alcohol and recreational drugs, attend mental health and substance use treatment, and not to possess any firearms.

Patrick Morris Simmons


Witnesses called 911 just before 9:00am on March 15, 2022 and reported that a woman was on fire. Police responded to the 17and found Kelli Goodermont badly burned. She was not breathing. She was pronounced dead on scene at 9:04am.

Witnesses told police that Simmons approached Kelli and started punching her. He stabbed her multiple times before she fell to the ground. He then doused her with a liquid and set her on fire. While she was on fire, Simmons continued to kick her.

A coworker of Kelli’s grabbed a fire extinguisher to try to put out the fire. He noticed Simmons walking away with a lighter in his hand. Simmons got in his car and drove to his home.

Around 9:15am, another 911 call was made about a fire taking place at Simmons’s house in the 500 block of Nine Mile Creek Circle. Police believed he started the fire purposely and left. Co-workers had followed Simmons and saw him sitting in his car nearby his burning home. They waved down police and Simmons was arrested.

Simmons's House on Fire Source:Facebook

When he was arrested, Simmons told investigators that Kelli was a witch, and he set her on fire “to stand up for the babies being killed and sacrificed with witchcraft.” He also told police he burned down his own home because of “paranormal activity.”

Arrest & Charges

Simmons has been charged with arson and second-degree intentional murder. He is being held on $3 million bail.


Kelli’s friends and family want to bring awareness to domestic violence. On the GoFundMe, the organizer stated, “We hope her story brings to light the dangers of Domestic Violence, and someone out there reads her story and gets the help they need.”

If anyone is in a domestically violent situation there are many organizations that can help.

The National Domestic Hotline is 800.799.7233 or text START to 88788. You can also chat with them online at

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