The Murder of Nicole Cuevas-Ingram

In April 2023, Nicole Cuevas-Ingram was murdered, after being held captive and tortured in the basement of a home in Wilkes-Barre for weeks. Her body was discovered in February 2024, after an 8-year-old was heard talking about the murder. Five people have been arrested in association with Nicole’s murder.

Nicole Cuevas-Ingram

According to the Citizens’ Voice, Nicole had traveled to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, from Saginaw, Michigan with a friend, Desiree Linnette, 43, and three young children. Nicole was staying with Linnette and a few others at 142 Carlisle in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Held Captive

After a few days, the pair had a falling out. Linnette started accusing Nicole of touching a child and stealing her wallet. The Citizens’ Voice reported 3 days after moving in, Linnette took Nicole’s phone. A physical altercation ensued, which started the torturous ordeal Nicole would endure. Nicole could no longer leave the house. The group, Jason Race, 43; Faith Beamer, 39; Sarai Doyle, 24, William Wolfe, 54, along with Linnette, would keep her handcuffed within the house. Doyle’s fling, Anthony Dixon, would sometimes visit and spend the night at the house.

On March 23, 2023, Nicole had messaged a friend on Facebook, asking for help to get home. She told her friend Linnette hit her and she was bleeding. Nicole explained she would not speak to Linnette anymore and planned to head back to Michigan. Nicole’s friend did not hear from her for a while so, she messaged, asking if she was still alive.

She received a message saying her previous messages about Linnette were untrue, and she had been the one to be disrespectful by stealing money and falling asleep while driving. The friend questions who is sending the message. Police believe by this point Nicole did not have access to her phone anymore.

Torture Inflicted

Nicole was subjected to daily beatings by the group, and could only have bread and water. This prompted the group, including Dixon, to jump Nicole, breaking her ribs. According to WVAI News, this was the only instance Dixon took part in the torture.

Nicole did not have access to a bathroom unless she asked; it was reported she had soiled herself at least once while being held captive.

Police discovered Nicole was kicked, hit in the face with a hammer, and sliced. To stop the bleeding caused by the knife wound inflicted by Race, Doyle and Beamer used a fishing line to sew her arm closed.

WVIA reported Nicole’s nasal cavity had been destroyed and was missing teeth. Beamer had gouged out her eyes, causing her to go blind; the wounds also became infected.

Nicole had a broken hyoid bone and a broken leg. According to WVIA, the group had to move Nicole around on a dolly because she could not move on her own.

After weeks of torture, the group would break her neck and.  


According to the investigation, Beamer, Race, and Wolfe were upset with Nicole for soiling herself. Race stomped on Nicole’s head until she was dead. He determined she was dead by using a stethoscope. Her cause of death was determined to be asphyxiation.

Nicole’s Body is Recovered

On February 1, 2024, a witness came forward to report a possible homicide; they gave officers the 142 Carlisle Street address. They also told police that an 8-year-old child spoke about watching a woman get beaten and killed. A second witness came forward and told the police the same information.

Investigators spoke with multiple people and visited the house on 142 Carlisle Street. They found a body wrapped in a tarp. The body had been buried with dirt, lime, and mothballs.


Desiree Linnette, Faith Beamer, Sarai Doyle, Jason Race, and William Wolfe were charged with criminal homicide, conspiracy to commit homicide, kidnapping, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, aggravated assault, and abuse of a corpse. Anthony Dixon has not been charged.

Debra Fox

Debra Fox, 69, was the owner of the house at 142 Carlisle Street. She had gone missing in November 2023. Her daughters, Melissa, and Danielle Fox have been looking for their mother since then. Melissa had seen her last in a hotel Debra was living in.

On March 26, 2024, her partially decomposed body was found in a wooded area near the North Cross Valley Expressway in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

There have not been any arrests made in the case. Investigations are ongoing.

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