The Murder of Omelly Dominguez

Omelly Dominguez

On March 22, 2022, a call came in for a stabbing in Little Ferry, New Jersey. When police arrived on scene, they learned it was a shooting. Angielly Dominguez shot her sister in the head.


On March 18, 2022, Angielly Dominguez was Baker Acted. The Baker Act is when a professional (doctor, mental health practitioner) places a hold on a person for 72 hours to assess their mental health. This is usually done if the professional feels the person may be a danger to themselves or others. Dominguez was cleared and released a day later on March 19, 2022.

On March 21, Juan Miranda, Dominguez’s boyfriend, called the Jacksonville Police in Florida and informed them his pregnant girlfriend took all of his guns (5 weapons) and his Mustang. When he tracked her phone and realized she was in New Jersey, he also called the Little Ferry Police Department and told them the same thing. Police in Florida told him that Dominguez technically did not steal the guns or car because they were a couple who lived together.

Civil complaint from Jacksonville Police Source: Law & Crime

The form the police in Florida filled out regarding Juan’s complaint was classified as civil and not criminal.


Dominguez arrived at 7 Sandhill Court, Little Ferry, New Jersey, where her sister lived on March 22, 2022. Their younger brother arrived home around 3:40pm and saw his sisters talking. A few minutes later, he overheard his sisters start to argue about money. He then heard a gunshot, ran into the living room, and saw Omelly had been shot in the head. Dominguez stared at her brother for a moment before she left the house. The brother called 911 around 4:00pm. immediately after the shooting.

Crime scene Source: ABC 7


Police found Dominguez shortly after the shooting and arrested her. She has been charged with first degree murder; second degree possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose; and third degree hindering her own apprehension.

Angielly Dominguez

Dominguez is in custody in New Jersey awaiting her court date.

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