The Murder of Patricia Mak

The Clark Farmhouse

Patricia Mak was strangled and her co-worker, Bradfield Clark, repeatedly slammed her head against a concrete wall in June 1984. Clark dismembered and barbecued parts of her body before eating her. He wrapped the rest of her remains in green plastic bags, which he stored in his Datsun 200 SX.

The 9-1-1 Telephone Call

In June 1984, Bradfield Clark, 33, moved from Massachusetts to California. He settled in the Los Gatos area, just south of San Francisco, CA. He lived at the Riviera Terrace Apartments and was employed as a computer software specialist.

On the night of July 20, 1984, Clark invited a co-worker, Patricia “Trish” Mak, 29, and her husband, over to his apartment for dinner. Mak’s husband was unable to make it, so she went alone to Clark’s apartment on a strictly platonic basis, being that they were co-workers.

At approximately 6:15 p.m. on July 23, 1984, police received a 9-1-1 telephone call from Bradfield Clark. When emergency services arrived, they found Clark suffering from self-inflicted knife wounds. A police officer made a casual comment to Clark that they had been looking in that area for a missing woman from neighboring Union City. Officers had explained to Clark that Mak’s husband had reported her missing a few days prior. Clark immediately admitted that the body of Trish Mak was out in the parking lot, in the trunk of his Datsun 200 STX.

Investigators located Clark’s small vehicle and discovered Trish Mak’s remains in the backseat and trunk.

Clark was immediately arrested and taken to Los Gatos Community Hospital, where he received medical attention for his self-inflicted stab wounds. The courts remanded him to police custody until he had healed enough to be transferred to jail to await his trial and sentencing.

Bradfield Clark’s Confession and Sentencing

Bradfield Clark gave the following explanation concerning the series of events surrounding Trish Mak’s death. On July 23, 1984, Clark invited a co-worker, Trish Mak, and her husband, over to his apartment for dinner. Mak’s husband was unable to make it, so she arrived alone at Clark’s apartment. Clark stated that he had begun making sexual advances towards Mak as the evening progressed. She adamantly turned down his advances. Mak’s rejection spurred Clark to grab her and slam her head repeatedly into a concrete wall that bordered his small patio. Then he strangled her. Once she was dead, he cut off her breasts, barbecued them and ate them. Clark dismembered Mak’s body into 11 pieces and placed her dismembered remains in green plastic bags, which he placed in his car. Clark further explained that he had intended to bury Mak but experienced a moment of regret, which led him to his suicide attempt.

Legal proceedings were straightforward, considering Clark had given a full confession. In June 1985, Bradfield Clark was found guilty and given a prison sentence of 18 years to life for the charges of second degree murder and mutilating the human remains of Patricia Mak.

Bradfield Clark is currently serving his sentence at the California State Prison Solano.

Bradfield Clark's inmate search result

An Interesting Twist

Bradfield Clark is not the only cannibal killer in the Clark family. Clark’s brother, Hadden Clark, Bradfield’s younger brother, was found guilty of two murders in 1999 in Maryland. With at least one of his victims, he drank her blood before mutilating and burying her. The details of the case concerning Hadden Clark and the deaths of Michele Dorr and Laura Houghteling can be found here.

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