The Murder of Reagan Hancock & Braxlynn Hancock

Reagan Simmons Hancock Source: Facebook

On October 9, 2020, Reagan Simmons Hancock, 21, was stabbed to death by Taylor Rene Parker. Parker then removed Reagan’s unborn child from her womb. Reagan’s unborn child, Braxlynn, was killed in the attack.


Around 10:18 a.m. on October 9, 2020, Jessica Brooks, Reagan’s mother, called 911. Jessica had found her daughter murdered on the living room floor of her apartment in New Boston, Texas.  

Reagan's house with crime scene tape Source: Daily Mail

The Crime Scene

When the police entered the house, they saw a female, later identified as Reagan Hancock, lying face-down on the floor of the living room. There was a large amount of blood on the floor and splattered throughout the house. Police soon learned Reagan was 34 weeks pregnant and requested EMS to check the status of the baby.

EMS arrived and turned Regan over to examine her when they saw a large laceration across her abdomen. The medical technician determined there was no longer a baby in Reagan’s womb.

Traffic Stop

Before Reagan’s body was discovered, a police officer conducted a traffic stop at approximately 9:37 a.m. The woman in the car, Taylor Parker, had a newborn in her lap, with the umbilical cord still attached. She told the officer she had given birth, and the baby was not breathing. The umbilical cord was coming out of her pants. Parker had been performing CPR on the baby.

Braxlynn's sonogram Source: Facebook

The officer called EMS, who took Parker and the infant to a hospital in Idabel, Oklahoma. Medical staff examined Parker and determined she did not give birth to the baby. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation went to the hospital to speak with Parker.

During the interview, Parker told investigators she was not pregnant. She revealed she assaulted Reagan. Parker then used a small scalpel to remove the baby from Reagan’s womb and abducted the unborn child. The scalpel Parker used was found in Reagan’s neck. Reagan had been stabbed over 100 times, including 39 times on her scalp. She had also been hit with a hammer. The murder took place while Reagan’s young daughter slept in her bedroom.

Originally, it was believed that Reagan had died from being stabbed and blood loss. During the trial, it was revealed she may have been strangled to death.

Taylor Parker

In 2014, Parker had a partial hysterectomy and had her tubes tied, leaving her unable to become pregnant. During the trial, it was revealed Parker wanted to have more children and asked a friend to be a surrogate for her.

Taylor Parker

Not being able to find a surrogate for her, Parker started doing research on how to fake a pregnancy. She bought fake pregnant bellies and fake sonograms. Parker had told her friends and family she had got pregnant. She had a gender reveal party a week before the murder.

Parker had scoped out different OB clinics in the East Texas area and had made a few appointments at different clinics. She would look for woman in baby clothing stores, looking for a woman who matched her fake pregnancy timeline. Parker soon turned her attention to Reagan, a woman she considered a friend and hung out with. Parker had been hired to photograph Reagan’s engagement and wedding in 2019. During the trial, Reagan’s mom testified Parker began to speak with Reagan more when she had announced on Facebook, she was pregnant with a girl.

On the day of the murder, Parker had told her boyfriend she had to the hospital in Idabel, Oklahoma, to pre-register for her labor to be induced. Wade was planning on meeting her at the hospital before the birth of their child was scheduled. A review of her internet history revealed she had watched a video of a baby being delivered pre-term at 35 weeks.

Wade Griffin

Past Relationship

Parker had been married to a man, Tommy Wacasey. During the trial, Tommy revealed Parker had gone to the doctor for an ovarian cyst. While she was unconscious, the doctor found a tubal pregnancy and signs of endometriosis. The doctor asked Tommy if they should proceed with a hysterectomy, and Tommy said yes. Parker was furious at the decision when she woke up.

Parker and Tommy would get a divorce. When Tommy learned Parker was making claims she was pregnant, he reached out to Wade (her current boyfriend) to warn him she was lying. According to KTAL News, Tommy anonymously reached out to Wade twice, warning him that Parker had a hysterectomy and she could not be pregnant. One message stated, “I’m reaching out to you because I feel like it’s the ethical thing to do. In 2015, Taylor had a hysterectomy. She isn’t pregnant. She can’t get pregnant! She’s a con artist and is lying to keep you around. I’m sure you haven’t been to one Dr appointment with her, for whatever reason.” “I don’t do drama, not at all, but because I know for a fact, she isn’t pregnant and is running out of time. I had to reach out. Please be careful! She has lied about so much for so long. She has herself in so deep she can’t get out. I’m concerned about how far she might go with this. All hospitals are high alert because she may go to the extent of stealing a child!” He also warned him that the pictures of the sonogram were fake.

Tommy reached out to Wade about a month before the murder occurred.

Memorial for Reagan and Braxlynn Source: KLTV

Arrest & Trial

Taylor Parker was arrested and charged with capital murder, murder, and kidnapping. Parker pled not guilty and went to trial.

Prosecutor stated Parker wanted a baby because she did not want her relationship to end with her boyfriend. A friend of Reagan’s had testified that Parker was obsessed with Wade. She was found guilty of capital murder.

The sentencing phase is currently ongoing. Parker faces either life in prison or the death penalty.

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