The Murders of Ashton Brown & her Children Bella & Brix

Ashton Brown, Bella Ewing-Meeks, and Brix Ewing-Meeks

On April 18, 2022, Aschod Ewing-Meeks killed his girlfriend and two children, before setting their house on fire, and killing himself.


According to news outlets, Aschod Ewing-Meeks, 26 went to the Davie County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina, at 12:11 p.m. on April 18, 2022. He was with his girlfriend, Ashton Brown, 26, his daughter Bella, 4, and his son Brix, 8 months. After speaking with reception and giving them his girlfriend’s parents’ address, the family left about 4 minutes after arriving. It is unclear why he wanted to speak to an officer or why they left.

At 12:35 p.m. Ashton called 911, asking how she could speak to a deputy and stated it was for safety precautions.

According to news outlets, an officer called Aston back 10 minutes later. She told officers she was calling for her boyfriend, handed him the phone, and the line went dead.

Officers called back three times. The first time they called, they spoke to Ewing-Meeks, who told officers he believed someone was following him. Officers asked him to drive back to the police station, which he refused. Ewing-Meeks also refused to tell officers his location. The second two calls went straight to voicemail.


News outlets reported neighbors saw Ashton and Ewing-Meeks arguing in front of their house at approximately 2:00 p.m.

At 2:15 p.m., somebody saw smoke coming from the house and called 911. Firefighters put out the fire and discovered the bodies of Ewing-Meeks, Ashton, Bella, and Brix.

Police state that Ewing-Meeks killed his girlfriend, two children, set the fire, and then shot himself. The gun in his hand matched the bullets they recovered.

Crime tap at the couple's residence


The community has come together after the tragedy occurred. A t-shirt company made in memoriam shirts, with all proceeds going to the family of Ashton and her children.

A motive for the suicide-murders has not been released.

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