The Murders of Jose & Rafaela Navarro

Jose Navarro
Rafaela Guzman Navarro

On July 4, 2022, Jose Navarro, 84, and Rafaela Guzman Navarro, 87, were beaten to death in their Union Gap home. Their murders are still unsolved.

Jesus Ramirez went to check on his grandparents, Jose Navarro, 84, and Rafaela Guzman Navarro, 87, after family members could not contact them. When he entered the home, in the 1100, they found their grandparents badly wounded and unresponsive. They called 911 to report the assault at 10:38p.m.

Responding medics arrived and pronounced Jose and Rafaela dead. Both had died of blunt force trauma; the weapon used was the couple’s kitchen chairs.  

In a recent interview, the victim’s daughter, Estela Navarro Cortez, gave KIMA, she stated nothing in the house was stolen or broken into. The motive of the double homicide is unknown.

Through their investigation, police identified a person of interest who they would like to speak to.

The murders of Jose Navarro and Rafaela Guzman Navarro are still unsolved.

They are asking anyone with information to call (509) 248-0430 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 248-9980.

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