The Unsolved Murder of Megan McDonald

Megan McDonald Source: Record Online

Megan McDonald was found bludgeoned to death on March 15, 2003, in Orange County, Wallkill, New York. Her case remains unsolved. The FBI has added $10,000 to the reward for any information about the murder.


Megan had finished up work on the afternoon of March 13, 2003. After work, at 3:10pm, she stopped at a bank in Middletown and grabbed cash.

Later, around 7:00pm, Megan drove by a party in Wallkill. She stops to talk to two friends who ask her to come inside. Megan declines, telling them she was going to meet up with other friends in Middletown.

Megan arrived in Middle town around 7:30pm and watch the television show “Friends” until midnight. When she left Middletown, Megan drove back to the party at Wallkill, arriving at 12:15am. Megan spoke to friends again, but did not go inside. Friends told investigators they last saw Megan turn down Cindy Lane.

Megan never arrived home.

Missing & Found

Megan did not show up for work on March 14, 2003. She was not answering any calls from friends, family, or coworkers, making everyone grow extremely worried.

On March 15, 2003, a man discovers Megan’s body on his property, on Bowser Road, Wallkill, New York. She was bludgeoned to death.

Bowser Road Source: Record Online

Looking for Clues

A witness told investigators, around 12:30am, they heard an extremely loud car radio coming down their block. The witness looked out the window because the music was so loud and saw a white car (later identified to be Megan’s Mercury Sable) with a “dark-colored” hatchback car (possibly a Honda Civic) driving behind it. The witness saw the same two cars drive back past her apartment complex a few minutes later. In the morning, around 8:00am, another resident noticed the white Mercury Sable parked “erratically” in the back of the apartment complex. Police linked the car to Megan two days later.


Police believe they know who committed the murder, but do not have enough evidence to secure a conviction.

Police believe the person responsible was someone known to Megan and are calling the crime one of passion. They believe the killer was attending the party in Wallkill. Investigators believe that the person who was following Megan eventually got into her backseat, and they drove to Bowser Road. Evidence found in Megan’s car led them to believe she was killed was sitting in the front seat before her body was left on Bowser Road.

Police also believe that the murderer had help with moving the cars. This second suspect, who has not been named, is dead, according to police.  

The FBI believe that the murderer was a narcissist who felt slighted in some way by Megan. This blow to their ego sent them into a rage, leading them to commit the murder with such overkill.

Investigators have secured over 700 pieces of evidence from the case and are hoping that new DNA evidence will lead them to arrest Megan’s killer.


Investigators believe that there are a few people who know more information that could help close this case. Anyone with information on the 2003 murder of Megan McDonald is asked to contact the FBI at 1-800-CALLFBI (1-800-225-5324) or the New York State Police confidential tip line at 845-344-5370. There is a $20,000 award for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the murderer.


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