The Unsolved Murder of Miss Jane Doe

On February 28, 1983, the decapitated body of a young girl in the basement of an abandoned building in St. Louis, Missouri. The victim has never been identified, and the case remains unsolved.


Around 3:30 p.m., two men went into an abandoned building, 5635 Clemens Avenue, to look for a piece of pipe. When they searched the basement for the pipe, they found the decapitated body of a young African American female.


Investigators estimated the victim to be between 9 and 10 years old and approximately 5’ tall. She was wearing a yellow V-neck sweater and was naked from the waist down. Her hands were bound behind her back with a jump rope. She had been sexually assaulted.

Police search the area where Little Jane Doe was found Source: St. Louis Post Dispatch

Case Goes Cold

Investigators have not been able to identify the remains and there have never been any suspects in the case. Over the years, police have tried to find family members of the victim through DNA, but have had no luck.

Police believe the victim was killed in a different location and her remains left at the house, citing a lack of blood at the crime scene. Pathologist estimated the victim had been in the building for about 3 to 5 days due to mold growth on the body.

Detectives could not locate her remains for many years, but found them in 2013. Her remains were exhumed, and her DNA was examined. Researchers determined that the child most likely lived in a southeastern state for most of her life. They narrowed it down to 10 states: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Little Jane Doe was reburied in the Garden of Innocence.

Police are still asking for anyone with information about “Little Jane Doe” to come forward. If you know something that may lead to the identity of “Little Jane Doe” you can call (314) 444-5371 or (866) 371- 8477.


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