The Murder of Nahomi Rodriguez

On July 17, 2016, Nahomi finished up her shift at McDonald’s and left around 1:30am. Video surveillance shows her leaving work and getting to a “light-colored” SUV. This would be the last time she would be seen alive. Before she left work, she called her mom to tell her she had found a ride home. Nahomi lived with her mom, who usually picked her up after her shift. News outlets also stated she “reportedly messaged her boyfriend of several years on Facebook” telling him she was home, going to eat, and then going to bed. She was reported missing in the morning when her family realized she did not come home.

The video above shows Nahomi before she left work and the car she was in driving away from McDonald’s.

While going through footage from McDonald’s drive through, the station where Nahomi was working, investigators uncovered a suspect. They believe the same car that drove off with Nahomi has stopped at McDonalds earlier in the day. This interaction can be seen in the video below.

Investigators, family, and volunteers searched for Nahomi for months. A billboard was put up and flyers were passed out.

After searching for 9 months, her skeletal remains were found in April 2017, by a farmer off of centerline road, north of FM 106, near Rio Hondo.

Map showing McDonald's Nahomi was working (A) and the approximate location her remains were found (B).

Police Chief Jefferey Addickes stated “There was a lot of evidence recovered at the scene. We are very hopeful that – bringing Nahomi home – that we find the person or persons responsible.”


In October 2022, police announced they had a person of interest, Miguel Angel Flores.

Miguel Angel Flores is currently in prison for 2 aggravated robberies. Investigators have not made an arrest, regarding Nahomi’s murder. According to KTSM, investigators are still collecting evidence, and looking for co-conspirators. Police believe other individuals are involved with Nahomi’s murder.

Miguel Angel Flores

Investigators are asking anyone with information about Rodriguez to call Harlingen Area Crime Stoppers at (956) 425-8477.


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