Three Michigan Residents Killed and Tortured Tobby Farrington

Wilson Romaro
Alice Anthony
Brian Bonner

Brian Bonner, Alice Anthony, and Romaro Wilson have been arrested for torturing and murdering Tobby Farrington in Pontiac, Michigan.  

On March 25, 2022, a person walking down the street noticed human limbs sticking out of a comforter that was dumped in the 100 block of South Merrimac Street, near Terry Lake. The witness contacted police, who started their investigation.

Police found Tobby naked. He was badly beaten and had multiple stab wounds on his chest, side, and neck. According to news outlets, he was strangled with a rope. Police also stated a plastic bad was found his head. The cause of death was determined to be asphyxiation.

Through their investigation, police learned that Tobby was living in a nearby apartment with Alice Anthony, 50; helping her around the house in exchange for drugs and a place to stay. A man named Romaro Wilson, 28, also lived in the house. Brian Bonner, 41, who was also involved in the torture murder, was a friend of Anthony’s and Romero and visited the house often.

Police determined the murder took place inside the residence and believed an altercation about money escalated to the murder.


Police have arrested Brian Bonner, Alice Anthony, and Romaro Wilson.

Anthony has been charged with Homicide, Controlled Substance (cocaine), and obstruction.

Wilson has been charged with Homicide, obstructing police, possession-controlled substance (synthetic narcotics), trespassing, marijuana possession, and probation violation.

Bonner has been charged with homicide and obstruction.

All three are being held without bail and have court dates in April 2022.

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